All the latest news from EES Shipping - overweight container issue, containers overboard and two huge anniversaries
2013 LLoyd's List Freight Forwarder of the Year Award

Weight Matters

EES Shipping has been focusing a lot of time and effort on Container Weight Declarations. Managing Director, Geoff Hack, has been a pioneer in this area, with his constant conversations with the Main Roads Department and local port task forces. Geoff has been taking charge and ensuring all of EES’ documentation meets the requirements to ensure our containers are able to be moved on Australian roads. There have been many disasters in Maritime history due to negligence in this area.
For more information about the importance of shippers declaring the correct weights, head to the EES website.

Containers overboard

It’s one for the record books.
During extremely rough weather, the Svendborg Maersk (which was  en route to Colombo - Sri Lanka) lost an amazing 520 containers overboard. Maersk have reported that 85% of the containers lost were empty, with the remainder containing non-hazardous materials. Vessels that are now in the area are being warned of these floating hazards, but the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agencies (MCA) advise that the majority of containers have already made their way to the bottom of the ocean.

Thank you U.S.A.

EES would like to thank our agents in America, SBA Consolidators, for their fantastic service throughout the last month. Even with the freezing cold weather and snow, their service has been second to none. We're hoping that you're thawing out now!

Mammoth Milestones

There are a few huge milestones this month at EES. Geoff Hack (Managing Director) and Helen Hack (Quality Director / Accounts) celebrate their 28th year at EES. Two more years, with good behaviour, they might get parole! Congratulations to you both for building this amazing business.

Smell the Roses

Valentine’s Day was celebrated this month, with airlines adding additional flights to their service in order to keep up with the demand for roses. The biggest countries that export their roses are Kenya, Colombia and Ecuador – with the majority bound for Europe. We hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day.
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