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Hi <<First Name>>,

Hope you're recovered from the chocolate onslaught that you may have inflicted on yourself over the Easter break! In the newsletter each week I answer some of the questions I've been asked on the blog or via email - a little regular Q&A I hope you'll find useful. The subject this week is maxi skirts and dresses...!

(If you have a question you'd like answering, email me with "Newsletter question" as the subject at notdressedaslamb[at]gmail[dot]com and it may appear next week. Don't worry, all questions will be anonymous.)

Q: "I would like to ask you what kind of shoes you think match better with maxis? Also how do you make an outfit with a maxi skirt office appropriate?"

A: I'm quite a fan of maxis, but agree that it can be hard to get the shoes right when wearing them. The best tip I have is to have a look at what shoes the model is wearing in the photograph on the retailer's website - usually that gives you an idea of what suits the maxi you're looking at. It also depends on the occasion (Work? Shopping? School run?) and how high you like your heels.

As a general rule I'd say that flowing maxis suit most styles, for example caged high heelsblock heeled sandals and white sneakers or Converse. A great all-rounder would be a block heeled shoe in a nude or beige colour such as mule-style sandals which would work with most maxis. However, if you're going for more of a boho vibe I'd stick to flat strappy or lace-up sandals or lace-up pointed flats.

I think it's hard to make flowing maxis office-appropriate unless you have a very relaxed dress code (plus all that fabric can be quite impractical), but a long A-line maxi will suit smart ankle boots or low block-heeled shoes and is smarter for an office environment.

Scroll down for some ideas of maxi dresses and skirts and what footwear to wear with each...!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Till next time

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Shoes to wear with maxi skirts

L-R: 1. A pleated maxi skirt suits lace-up pointed flats | 2. A smart A-line maxi skirt looks great with block-heeled ankle boots | 3. Plain white tennis shoes are the perfect choice for a casual ruched wrap-front maxi | 4. A patterned maxi skirt will look its best with nude strappy sandals or wedges
Shoes to wear with maxi dresses

Shoes to wear with maxi dresses

L-R: 1. A strappy sandal with a block heel is a very versatile style with long dresses such as this kaftan-style maxi | 2. A bohemian-style dress will always suit flat crystal sandals | 3. A low block heeled strappy sandal is a comfy choice for a plain sleeveless maxi | 4. For evenings out or date nights wear a high heeled ankle-strap sandal with a jersey wrap dress (they work with most styles) | 5. Western ankle boots will add a touch of rock chick to a dark floral maxi
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