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the most popular movie in Mexico last year   Empire wins big   visiting—not vacationing in—Cuba   a terrifying strategy   Stuart Scott buried in Raleigh  +  is your best any good?   fight night with Throne Boxing   the business of 'secondary policing'   decoding New Blackness   yummy yukgaejang  +  East Palo Alto 'n' Silicon Valley  the N.W.A biopic trailer   public space redefined by protest   Abdul-Jabbar tackles Sherlock Holmes' bro in Trinidad   coping with revenge porn   Rinko Kikuchi could easily star in Ghost in the Shell  vanillekipferl   'we all deserve freedom, love and respect'   Aunt Lucille on Southern living   the best and worst of 2014 hip hop   a sad girl's guide to going to the gym   musical genius Andrae Crouch dies in southern California   land theft visualized   journalist/thinker Julio Scherer García dies in Mexico at 88.
We hope you like the newly designed HRDlist. We've been working hard. And it's a process. Nothing is 'final.' We want to get better each week. We want to be fresh, and we want to reflect and over-serve the new every1. So if you have suggestions/feedback please hit us: If you have pieces, or vids, or feeds, or anything you'd like us to consider for the HRDlist, pls hit us: The actual HRDCVR  becomes more actual with each passing day. We're feeling good. Nervous. Excited. You should too.


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