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Ms. Ahern and I would like to say thank you for such a wonderful Principal Appreciation Week!  We are so fortunate to be part of such a wonderful school and community!  We are currently collecting food items for our food pantry at Charles Barrett.  Donations will be distributed to families in need. Suggested items include instant oatmeal, ready made pasta (ramen, mac n cheese, spaghetti o's), granola bars, cracker packs.  Please drop off your donations in the bin in the lobby. Just a friendly reminder to please make complete stops at stop signs and students should be dropped off at Kiss and Ride.  Kiss and Ride is located in the parking lot past the school and to the right.  This will ensure that all of our students are safe during arrival and dismissal.  This coming week is National School Counseling Week!  Ms. Price is absolutely amazing and we appreciate everything that she does for our students.  If you see her this week, please let her know just how much she is appreciated!  Valentine's Day classroom parties will take place the week of conferences.  Please check with your child's teacher for the exact date.  Please remember that conferences will be held on February 13th and 14th, which are early dismissal days.  Dismissal is at 12:35 pm on those days.  Also, the PTA meeting on Monday, February 3rd will feature the middle school principals.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Kellie Conlan, Ed. D.
Fourth graders at Charles Barrett have been using exciting CETA strategies to make learning more engaging.  We have been building our focus during our concentration circle and using the strategy tableau to help with vocabulary and main idea in reading, social studies and math.
We use the Concentration Circle to show that we can focus no matter what!  We stand in a circle facing each other, find a focal point and keep our bodies as still as possible.  We have learned to “talk to our brains” and keep our bodies still and minds focused even when there are distractions.  There are different levels of challenge for the Concentration Circle.  The first challenge is the teacher walking around the circle while the students concentrate.  The second challenge is a student walking around the circle.  The levels gradually become more challenging as a student begins to make faces, noises, and even beg the other students to look at him or her.  We practice staying focused no matter what so that we can keep our minds learning at all times!
Fourth graders have also enjoyed creating tableausIn this activity, students are divided into groups of three to five students through use of “cooperation challenges.”  They work together in these small groups to create a frozen picture depicting a vocabulary word, concept, or main idea. In addition, text can be added to explain the word or concept in the tableau. This strategy allows students to work together in cooperative groups to achieve the goals of building vocabulary and concept knowledge. Practicing tableau helps solidify knowledge through discussion, repetition and muscle memory. It places all students at an equal advantage and helps them all achieve success.
Family Math Night

The Curriculum and Instruction Department is excited to announce the first ever ACPS Division-Wide K-12 Family Math Night. This is a terrific opportunity for ACPS families to see and experience the progression of math instruction from kindergarten to 12th grade. 

Date: Thurs., February 27, 2020 Time: 5:30 P.M. (starting with pizza!) to 7:30 P.M. Location: T.C. Williams High School (in the cafeteria)

Register to volunteer: Fliers for family communication will be provided to schools for dissemination in January. 

Contact: Julia Neufer, STEM Coordinator and Elementary Math Instructional Specialist,

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We’re excited to unveil a comprehensive list of more than 400 middle and high school courses for the 2020-21 school year, in our completely new, searchable online Program of Studies website. The process of academic advisement and course selection is beginning in all ACPS schools. Make sure you take a look today!
Our Parent Liaison has gone above and beyond to help support generations of families in our city. She has now been recognized for her tireless efforts to help families at Mount Vernon Community School.
A reminder to all about how to use social media responsibly.
This is a meeting that was designed to focus on modernizations, but instead we needed to briefly address the topic of colocation that came up this week. Watch the presentations and see the documents.


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