Discovering the unknown through basic science by mobilizing historic and modern biological data to understand how organisms and ecological systems have and will adapt to global change.
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10 Ways You Can Help Stop the Sixth Mass Extinction. Read Tony Barnosky's Huffington Post Blog.

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10 Ways You Can Help Stop the Sixth Mass Extinction

"Mass extinction means three out of every four species you are familiar with would disappear off the face of the Earth, plausibly in time for your grand kids to see it happen, if not before".  Read Tony Barnosky's Huffington Post Blog.

Building the face of the Ecoengine

The Berkeley Ecoinformatics Engine is entering an exciting phase of its development – the building of its mapping interface Holos! Beta testing will begin soon. We need YOU to help us test Holos and give us your feedback – tell us what you hate, what you love, and what you wish to see. Please sign up for our email list and we’ll send you notifications on progress.

BiGCB, GIF & Berkeley Institute for Data Science

BiGCB researchers appointed as BIDS Fellows
Congratulations to Falk Schuetzenmeister (GIF; Ecoengine) and Karthik Ram (rOpenSci; Ecoengine) who have each been awarded 2-year Data Science Fellowships from the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS). Find out more about the BIDS fellows.

Twitter: @UCBIDS
Kevin Koy: BIDS Executive Director
Kevin Koy stepped down as Executive Director of the Geospatial Innovation Facility (GIF) in July to begin his role as Executive Director of BIDS.  Says Kevin, "Of course it will be bittersweet to leave the GIF after 6 amazing years, but I am thrilled to take on what will undoubtedly be a great but exciting challenge in helping to bring the vision of BIDS to life".

President's Climate Data Initiative

Maggi Kelly and Kevin Koy participated in the White House launch of the President’s Climate Data Initiative which aims to “empower America’s communities for the effects of climate change”.  Read more.

Upcoming Workshops

Friday October 31, 2014
Big ecological questions, diverse data, new methods
Venue:  3101 VLSB
PI:  Andy Rominger, ESPM Graduate Student.
Click here for details.

Friday November 7, 2014
Understanding Taxon Ranges in Space and Time
Venue: 1002 VLSB
PI:  Prof. Brent Mishler, Integrative Biology, Director University & Jepson Herbaria.
Click here for details.

Friday, November 21, 2012
Moorea Experimental Garden Array
Venue:  TBD
PI:  Neil Davies, Executive Director, Gump Research Field Station, Moorea.
Details will be available here soon.

2014/15 BiGCB Seminar Series

Understanding the responses of organisms to global change in the past can inform models predicting future trajectories of biological systems. This seminar series showcases an integration of empirical and theoretical approaches to studying responses of biological systems to global change.

Upcoming Seminar:  November 3, 2014 
Charles Fox, Professor, Entomology Department, University of Kentucky.
Title: Inbreeding-environment interactions: Lessons from a seed-feeding beetle

Venue:  2040 VLSB         Time: 4-5pm          
Complete 2014/15 seminar lineup

Meet our BiGCB Researchers

Giovanni Rapacciuolo | Postdoc | Ecoengine
Born and raised in Brussels (Belgium), from Neapolitan parents, BiGCB Postdoc Giovanni Rapacciuolo moved to England at the age of 18 for university. At Imperial College London he obtained a Bachelor in Biology, a Masters in Ecology & Evolution, and a PhD in Global Change and Biodiversity. Working with Prof. Andy Purvis during his post-graduate studies, he became particularly interested in testing and improving approaches for predicting the large-scale impacts of global environmental changes, including climate and land use change, on the distribution and abundance of species.   READ MORE.

Kim La Pierre | Postdoc | Change Forecasting

Hammering in metal fence posts for her experiment during a thunderstorm could have been the last thing Kim La Pierre ever did if it hadn’t been for a reminder about basic physics from a concerned passerby. This enthusiasm and focus is typical of Kim’s approach to any scientific question. She has been fascinated by biology ever since she first saw the roots of a bean growing in an elementary school experiment and from very early on had a particular interest in understanding species interactions. READ MORE.
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