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Greetings from TCA! Today is "Giving Tuesday", a worldwide event to celebrate giving back with your generosity, and we are midway through our 2015 Membership Drive!   Thanks to your support, our drive has been absolutely fantastic so far, especially with the $18,000 matching of our CAC Grant! Help us unlock amazing deals for the taiko community by encouraging your taiko families to contribute to our campaign.
A couple of benefits for renewing or joining TCA: 
  • We have a Raffle! Some prizes are TCA merchandise (misters, sunglasses, etc), Taiko Cat t-shirts, Genki Spark t-shirts, and others. The earlier you join, the more chances of winning!
  • Each badge achieved will give us a prize. What will the prizes be? 
Have you renewed your membership yet? How about your taiko friends that are not members yet? Join or Renew today! Help us unlock awesome prizes for the entire taiko community by unlocking membership badges!  Soh Daiko is in the running for being the FIRST group of 2016 to be in the 100 Club! Is your group part of the official-unofficial "100 CLUB"? If not, encourage your group members to join!

Did you miss Taiko-thon 2015?? Check out our Taiko-thon archive on Livestream! See this year's Taikothon, or look back at previous events. The theme this year was "Taiko-ppreciation". If you have any shout outs for any appreciations, make sure you tag @taikocommunity and #taikoppreciation on social media!

Taiko Community Announcements!

The first ever European Taiko Conference is happening February 18-21, 2016 at Seal Hayne in Southwestern UK, planned and sponsored by Kagemusha Taiko. 
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