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Greetings from TCA! It's been 4 months since the North American Taiko Conference and since then, TCA has gone through an organizational change. These next few months, we are really looking to you to help us with our membership goals. We hope that you will join us for these events! Here's the latest news!
  2015 Membership Drive for 2016 Membership has started! This year, we are doing a drawing for prizes throughout November and December. The earlier you renew or become a new member, the more chances you'll have of winning! There's also a great discount going on until October 31st! 

In JUNE of this year, TCA received word that we were were the official recipients of an $18,000 Statewide Network grant from the California Arts Council.  The funds for the grant are dependent upon matching funds, which must be raised by TCA.  Our Fall membership drive is centered around matching these grant funds.THANK YOU to the board committee who worked on this grant: Susan Yuen, Linda Uyechi, and Bruce Davis!

It's happening again! Taiko-thon 2015! We will be accepting submissions soon so keep an eye out for the link! This year we are focusing on "Taiko-ppreciation"! What are you appreciative for or what has taiko done for you in your life? 
We are kicking off these events with our favorite hashtag: #taikotuesday. On top of that, if you have any events that your groups are doing, please send it into the Taiko Community Announcement page! Without your submissions, the rest of the taiko world won't know what's going on in your group!
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