God has given us favor with the government of Thailand!
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"Governments Will Come To You"

"I told you a year ago that the Queen of Sheba is coming...The Queen of Sheba is here!" That was God's answer to Lana when she prayed nervously about the high-level officials visiting our land with just a 3 day notice! God said, "You didn't do this, you didn't invite the government, and so since you didn't do this, then you can't do anything to undo it!"

So, as God would have it, 30 Thai high-level officials, lawyers, and law makers from the National Committee for Child Protection toured our Promise Land and met with us in what was one of the final steps for Life Impact Thailand Foundation to be the approved government rescue home on this border.

The next day, our Thailand Director attended another meeting in which the Chief of Police said, "I know we can send children to only 3 places... Life Impact, another place, and I forgot the other one". Then, one of the directors from the National Committee said in front of everyone, “Life Impact has the capacity and resources to help these children, so the children should be sent to Life Impact Thailand safe homes.”

The next month, we were asked to speak at the National Child Protection Convention for ASEAN children! It was quite an honor because we were chosen as one of the five organizations in all of Thailand! It was an incredible feat for our relentless team, but it was quite a success!
ASEAN is the union between Southeast Asian countries including Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia.

They have recognized Life Impact as the "gate keepers" on our Thai/Myanmar border which means we will be able to intervene on behalf of all exploited and at-risk ASEAN children.

A couple months prior to this convention, a pastor had told Lana, “Books are going to be written about you and what you have done in this nation for these children.”

In June 2015, a book was written about at-risk children in Thailand and Maynmar. The book featured Life Impact as one of the model organizations and what we are doing on the border for children!

In September 2015, Life Impact was officially approved as a Thailand Government Recognized Safe Home!
This is all extremely strategic as our land is located on the new highway that runs through the ASEAN (Southeast Asian) countries. We now have the same legal authority as the police to rescue children that are trafficked in the areas spanning between China and Singapore. We are officially the watchtower along our road to intervene on behalf of the victims of child trafficking!
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