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  Inspirational Quotes, 
Introducing you to Martin & Jan's New Business, Kale Salad, Get a Grip - Golf tips, Dr. Oz Show & USANA, Cleanse and Detox Benefits, RESET 5 Day Cleanse Kit, MILLS Fitness Flyer, Oprah & Deepak Meditation Invitation 

Inspirational Quotes:


"Every man is the architect of his own fortune."
~ Appius Claudius

"A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something."
~ Frank Capra


I just recently celebrated a birthday – when someone asked me how I felt about getting older, I shared with her that aging is an exciting opportunity to increase your value and competence as you move through time.” Let's remember that aging is inevitable, growing up and growing old are optional.

Celebrate the kid in you! 
~ Jan Mills

Combining the passions of Martin and Jan Mills is the launch of the new company MILLS Nutrition, Golf & Fitness.  We're very excited about offering our clients the best of our talents and experience in services, products, books and a new website to deliver it to you. We wanted our newsletter family to be the first to know. Stay tuned with the updates and work in progress on our new website  




USANA Health Sciences Update:

If you're currently one of our USANA customers (or you would like to be), you might be interested to know about the news and exciting developments this past month. Ask us about:


  • Dr Oz Show Official Partner & show sponsor - Procosa in January, February 23: Proflavonal C100 - Set your recorders!
  • RESET Challenge with Celebrity Trainer Kathy Kaehler & Dr Oz along with a 28 Day transform program
  • New Products - Nutritionals & Macronutrients
  • Prices Have Come Down - New Pricelist
  • 700 Elite Olympic Athletes 

 Kale Salad

Two heads of Kale
2/3 cup of sliced almonds
2/3 cup parmesan cheese, soy parmesan or goat feta cheese
Two lemons juiced
1/4 cup olive oil
2 tablespoons honey (optional)

salt & pepper
1 tablespoon of dried mustard powder
Note; important to have equal amounts of oil to lemon juice so approx. two lemons to 1/4 cup of olive oil but if more dressing is desired then increase both ingredients equally.
Wash the heads of kale thoroughly, dry well with paper towel or in a spinner. Cut the main spine of the kale out of each leaf and then chop all the kale to half inch pieces. Very important to chop kale small.
Add the almonds, and cheese.
Pour the dressing over and mix well. Allow salad to marinate for an hour to two hours before serving.
Only gets better the next day as the salad continues to marinate in the wonderful lemony dressing.

Get A Grip!                                                                     
You have probably noticed that the fairways are starting to show through the winter snow! Golf season is nearly upon us once again.
This is a great time of year to check out your grips and get ready for the season. Grips are made of materials that age and wear as a function of time. Ozone, heat, dirt, and oils from your hands all age your grips and cause the natural degradation of the grip.

First, to clean grips it is best to check with the manufacturer on the best method. Most websites will provide you with instructions on using warm soapy water and a soft cloth. This may work for some grips but if you have Winn grips you could be removing the tacky residue. Winn states on its website…
“To clean a Winn grip, apply a small amount of water to a soft towel, and gently rub the grips. Do not saturate the towel. Never use a brush and soapy water to clean a Winn grip because it may damage the top surface and destroy the tackiness and slip-resistance of the grip.”

As a rule of thumb, you should re-grip about once a year. For me, there is just something magical about the feel of a new grip. You can expect to pay anywhere from $75-150 for a new set of grips, based on the model and type you choose. Typical turn around times for grips are anywhere from a few hours to a day.
Choosing a grip is a personal experience. We all have our own individual needs and preferences and thus there is a huge selection of grips out there – Golf Pride, Winn, Lamkin, and Callaway just to name a few! The best way to choose is to go to your local retailer, golf shop or club fitter and try them out. I keep a good selection on hand so that my clients can get that “hand’s on” feeling. Remember to take into consideration the amount of moisture you typically play in. Your needs will be different for a golfer in a coastal vs. a desert environment!
When it comes to the install, make sure your fitter measures your hands in order to determine the correct number of wraps you require. Remember, too small or too large a grip can have a dramatic effect on your comfort level and performance!
Next, I like to weigh my grips for consistency. Believe it or not there can be as much as a 1g. difference from grip to grip! It is a simple process, but it gives me great peace of mind knowing that I have a consistent feel from club to club.
So start getting ready today as golf season will be here in no time! If you would like to get your clubs re-gripped, give me a call!
On January 22 2015 the Dr Oz show had a three part series of videos about knee and joint pain. The third segment focused on treatment and Dr Oz recommended "Procosa" made by USANA Health Sciences to help maintain healthy cartilage and joints.

We agree with Dr Oz when he said " If it's good enough for over 700 professional and Olympic athletes, then it's good enough for me."

Here is a USANA video that will give you more details about the product.

Here is the link for that portion of the TV broadcast:
(Click here)

Be sure to watch for the next Dr. Oz Show product profile on USANA's Proflavanol C100. It combines antioxidant bioflavanoids from grape seed extract with high-potency Poly C to support great health, including the health of your immune and cardiovascular systems, as well as youthful looking skin.

The broadcast date is coming up next week so set your recording device for the Dr Oz Show on Monday February 23rd to learn more about Jan's favorite product.

Dr Mehmet Oz of the Dr Oz Show, Jan Mills and Dr Myron Wentz (founder of Gull Laboratories, USANA Health Sciences and Sanoviv Medical Institute)

Cleanse & Detox Benefits


We hear ads, discussions and recommendations to do a cleanse or detox program and you might be wondering, what is it and why would I consider doing one? A cleanse is one component of a Detox Program which could include things such as fitness/exercise promoting sweat, nutrition changes, supplementation and always increased hydration with healthy water.

USANA Health Sciences has created a detoxifying  program called RESET which balances the bodies need for carbs, fats and  proteins. The benefit of this program begins with a 5 Day Cleanse which gives the digestive system an important break and your weight management a Jumpstart. RESET helps to reduce cravings, release body fat and is diabetic safe as it balances the glycemic index while minimizing insulin spikes. For those wanting to continue releasing body fat and/or pounds there is a Transform phase and then a Maintain phase. Martin walks the walk with this program as he does a 5 Day RESET Cleanse every 3 months and the Maintain phase throughout the year to remain lean and healthy inside and out!

Additional benefits of a cleanse include boosts to your energy, rids the body of excess waste, strengthens the immune system and allows for clearer thinking. Was improved health a New Years Resolution you'd like to follow through with? Then if so, consider calling Jan and Martin about ordering a RESET kit to begin a healthy and effective 5 day cleanse or talk with them about the 28 day program you can continue once you've started making the lifestyle changes.  If you like the spirit of a competition or contest, then an option is to be a part of the RESET International Challenge co-hosted by Dr Oz and Celebrity Trainer Kathy Kaehler

USANA RESET kit contains everything you need for a 5 Day Cleanse

Join us in this free guided meditation program
(We love to start each morning with it).

Your success begins within.

True success is a joyful creative process that you can access and build upon each day to bring more brilliance, abundance, and innate prosperity into every aspect of your life. In this illuminating three-week journey, we will be your guides, every day, as you travel a path from limiting beliefs to discovering within yourself that your successes can be infinite.

Your transformation begins on Monday, March 16th in our all-new 21-Day Meditation Experience, Manifesting True Success.

It’s free and fulfilling. Embark on your life-changing journey! Register now!


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