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We're excited to congratulate three new restaurants on achieving REAL Certification! 
With Farmer's Markets in full swing, we talk about the importance on shopping locally.

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Our REAL Values:

Why are our agricultural standards important? The guidelines focus on quality, sustainability, and animal welfare. Supporting seasonal eating, meats without antibiotics, animal welfare standards, and plant-forward diets are all ways to optimize both the healthfulness and sustainability of menus. The food choices we make impact not only our personal health, but also the wellbeing of our communities and our environment. 

All three of our newly certified restaurants (featured below) received high scores in this category for their commitment to these ideals.

Certification Highlights

Greenfare Organic Cafe is bringing certified organic whole plant food, locally and sustainably prepared with love, making GreenFare a cherished part of the local community. Every dish is made in-house from scratch, avoiding all oils and added sugars, and all certified organic ingredients. They minimize environmental impact through using 100% wind power, being a green business partner, composting & recycling practices, and use of biodegradable small-wares. Thank you for all the incredible things you do, and congratulations on becoming REAL Certified!

Look out for the official press release later this month!

Hip Chick Farms Kitchen uses the freshest local ingredients to make classic American casual lunches and dinners. Their strong commitment to sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact, focus on scratch cooking, and outstanding sourcing practices (all ingredients are organic and chicken is GAP Step 3!) are just some of the ways that Hip Chick Farms Kitchen stands out among the foodservice community.

Thank you for all the incredible things you do, and congratulations on becoming REAL Certified!
Zesty makes it easy to feed your employees healthy, delicious food. Their team of Catering Captains deliver, set up, and serve your meals, offering all the reliability and service quality of an in-house caterer.

Zesty's commitment to ingredient quality through local produce sourcing, use of animal-welfare certified animal products, and sustainable seafood.

Their menus are incredibly health conscious, offering a plethora of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole-grains, perfect for keeping your team properly fueled throughout the day!

Thank you for all the incredible things you do, and congratulations on becoming REAL Certified!

Eat REAL Tennessee

Thanks to the support of the Tennessee Department of Health, we are able to go above and beyond our REAL Certified program requirements in TN. By working with restaurants to implement recommended improvements, Eat REAL Tennessee continues to raise the bar for healthful and sustainable food.

Nutrition Corner

Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?

With the recent news about romaine lettuce being contaminated with E. Coli, it definitely made me pause and realize how important it is for us to know where our food comes from. We live in a time where food can travel half the globe to make it on our plate, but at what cost to our health and the health of the planet?

We here at Eat REAL want to bring more transparency to the food system and celebrate those that source foods from local farms, where you know exactly where your lettuce came from! Beyond food safety, eating local, seasonal food is the best way to get all the nutrients your body needs while limiting the impact on the environment. To learn more about the benefits of eating local, click here.

-Kristin Zellhart
Nutrition, Standards and Certication Manager at Eat REAL 
"Telling people what to eat is perilous, whether the advice is aimed at a friend or an entire country. Of course, people and governments do it anyway. Dozens of countries have come up with recommendations for the perfect, most health-promoting diet.

Those recommendations are aimed at improving people's health. But Paul Behrens, a researcher at the University of Leiden, in the Netherlands, wanted to know whether this advice — if people actually followed it — might affect the environment. Producing foods, after all, has profoundly altered the planet, and those impacts can vary a lot, depending on which foods people demand."

This article from NPR's The Salt is a great demonstration of the philosophy behind our agricultural standards. Many dietary guidelines (for instance, choosing less, or more responsibly and ethically sourced meat, eating locally and seasonally, and so on), will have an effect on individual nutrition and health as well as broader community and global impact. 

Read the full article here!

Featured Recipe:

It's springtime which brings an abundance of beautiful wild greens, including green garlic! With a milder flavor than the traditional bulbs, it's brightness truly sings the flavors of spring.

Check out this recipe from our friends at CUESA and pick up the ingredients at your local farmer's market!
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