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Social media and your website

Facebook, Twitter and the like are playing an increasing role in the marketing strategy of businesses and organisations. This can create challenges for the small business owner with a new website and no experience of social media.

On our Social Media page we provide a summary of the most common platforms, together with case studies of how people have used them. We even tackle this provocative question: should you ditch your website in favour of social media?

The hallmark of social media marketing is a softly-softly approach: add a comment here, provide advice there, offer free tips and slowly build up trust among a network of readers and followers.  For the business owner, this means taking time to engage with people who may become customers in the future.  It can also be personally rewarding.

Many websites cheerfully display links to a large range of social media, and good luck to them.  How effectively do their owners keep all the different feeds updated?  Our advice is to choose one or two platforms that suit you and concentrate on them.

Applegreen can create buttons that take your website visitors to your page on your social platform of choice, or “share” buttons that allow visitors to propagate your content quickly on their own feed on their chosen platform.  A feed can be integraged into a webpage for a really lively experience, or a YouTube video embedded so visitors can access it directly.

Photography matters

We’re delighted to say that many enquirers at Applegreen compliment us on our designs. But a key feature of design is great photography, so why settle for second best?

Imagery is integral to website design, especially on home pages – see this article. Can you really sell that holiday destination, that charming B&B, those lovely books, without some quality pics?

In an age when photography is available to anyone with a mobile phone, it’s easy to forget that the best pictures are still produced by professional photographers.  At Applegreen we believe that good photos, taken by people who are trained in composition and lighting, are worth the investment for the professional look they can give your site.

A photography studio can arrange top-notch photos of yourself and your team.  Other kinds of imagery, from landscapes to icons, from city scenes to fruit, are available from online stock image companies who also provide licences allowing the use of their images on websites.  Applegreen’s account with Shutterstock will enable you to buy the images you need for under £10 each.

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