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Stephanie Boucher

Using WordPress: new instructions online

Back in January, our first ever newsletter proudly extolled the virtues of WordPress-based websites that can be easily updated by the website owner.  We have built plenty since then. However, we have also found that people vary enormously in the use they make of the updating facilities once the design work is finished.

We provide written instructions in using WordPress each time we sign off a project (including a free one-to-one tutorial when requested), even for hand-coded websites with only one WordPress news or blog page.  We have now revamped these instructions, adding screenshots to make the process clearer.  For added insterest, we also introduce journalist Frieda Pruim who has been managing her website in WordPress since 2012, do read our interview with her.

Your own email newsletter

A regular email newsletter is useful for informing your customers about new services you may have started offering, and even just for keeping your name in front of your target audience.
Formatted newsletters like this one are created using third-party email service providers – in this case MailChimp.  They offer templates in which to create your own design, as well as tracking and analysis of the reader response.  MailChimp and the like can also deliver to mailing lists of several hundred recipients without incurrring rejection from recipients’ email filters. In return, you are asked to follow their guidelines by not adding all and sundry to your email list, and by featuring a prominent Unsubscribe button to allow your readers to remove themselves if they wish.

We would add that a good email newsletter should be easy on the eye and a quick and informative read.  Have we succeeded? Drop us a line and tell us what you think!  And of course, contact us if you want to consider an email newsletter as part of your marketing strategy.

The time factor

Our featured WordPress user Frieda Pruim spends half an hour every couple of weeks updating her website. This may not seem much time to set aside, but in fact the job of updating is easily overlooked, and every good blogger will tell you that regularity is one of  the keys to success.
Likewise, an email newsletter takes time to plan and write.  But if it means stepping back from your business for a few hours every quarter to explore a couple of topics in depth, we believe it is time well spent.
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