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Stephanie Boucher

New year’s website refocusing

Happy new year to all our friends!  Here's one resolution you can live up to: update your website.

A website should not be a fixed entity that never changes, or the point of having a it is lost. Updates let search engines know your site is still relevant and cared for, so here are some ways to spruce yours up:
  • If you your website has an integrated blog-style page, use it to write about trends in your field. Blog posts can improve rankings.
  • Check your phone and email details in case they need updating.
  • Read through your older articles to make sure the advice they offer is still current.
  • Contact companies and organisations you deal with (suppliers, colleagues offering related services, etc) and ask them to link to you.  Search engines value inbound links.
  • Take time out to research social media and choose the best one for you. There is more information on Applegreen's website and on the blog of the SEO expert Yoast.

The right domain name for a new website

The domain is the address that locates a website on the internet:  Your domain should reflect your business, brand or project. The domain name also informs search engines about you and is thus a ranking factor.

These domain tips from the SEO gurus Moz have held true through many years of profound technological change, so they should be good for a few more!

There are even domain-name generators, here is a list from Mashable.

Among the recommendations: brainstorm the keywords on which you wish to be searched, make sure your domain is easy to type, avoid hyphens and numbers, reflect your niche and locality if possible.
If you can, avoid emulating well-known brands. We have a namesake that runs outlets selling petrol in the UK.  Occasionally we receive customer complaints meant for them!
The choice of domain is harder for websites that try to do too many unrelated things or serve too many interest groups. So make your domain name a point of discussion early on.

A giggle at Google

We’ve all done it. A query typed into the Google search box triggers a list of exotic suggestions.  The mouse hovers, our attention wanders... 

The Daily Telegraph has compiled some corkers:
20 funniest suggestions from Google Suggest
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