$4 Million Toyota Research Institute Call for Pre-Proposals

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$4 Million Toyota Research Institute Call for Proposals

Call for pre-proposals sent on behalf of the U-M Business Engagement Center 


Pre-proposals are due by September 30, 2016, by 5:00 pm to TRI2016Preproposals@umich.edu 


Submit Pre-Proposal to TRI2016Preproposals@umich.edu by
Friday, September 30, 2016
at 5:00 p.m.

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) applies artificial intelligence to tasks in mobility, safety, and materials discovery. The current focus is on four thrusts:
  • Self-Driving Cars
  • Enhanced Driving Safety
  • Indoor Mobility/Home Robotics
  • Accelerated Materials Design and Discovery
TRI seeks proposals from the University of Michigan (U-M) that will advance TRI’s efforts in these thrusts.

TRI plans to provide up to $16 million dollars to the University for research in areas of interest to TRI over a period of four years starting in January 2017. Funded projects may have durations ranging from one year to up to four years. Separately, TRI also plans to provide up to $10 million per year for research in the U.S. in the materials design and discovery thrust starting in February 2017. U-M proposers are strongly encouraged to review active TRI funded projects at Stanford (http://aicenter.stanford.eduand M.I.T. (http://toyota.csail.mit.edu) in order to avoid proposing overlapping projects.

Pre-proposal Requirements:

Submission Deadline: Submit a brief pre-proposal* by September 30, 2016, by 5:00 pm to TRI2016Preproposals@umich.edu using the following file naming convention: PI first name_PI last name_date 
(e.g., Jane_Smith_072116).

Award Amount:  $4,000,000 in total will be awarded in this application cycle for U-M projects with durations ranging from one to four years.
Eligibility:  U-M faculty and researchers
*Pre-proposals should be no more than two pages and a template is available for download at http://bec.umich.edu/about/for-faculty/toyota-research-institute-tri-2016-call-for-proposals/

TRI Focus Areas:

TRI invites pre-proposals in four broad topic areas; 
  • Self-Driving Cars
  • Enhanced Driving Safety
  • Indoor Mobility and Home Robotics
  • Accelerated Materials Design and Discovery
More details on topics are available at http://bec.umich.edu/about/for-faculty/toyota-research-institute-tri-2016-call-for-proposals/

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Innovation - Extent that concept is ambitious, novel, transformational, and interdisciplinary
  • Impact - Significant potential for future impact in the areas of interest to TRI
  • Approach - Likelihood of success of the proposed work plan and the proposed team, and possible engagement with TRI

Proposal Process and Timeline:

  • August 10 - September 30, 2016:  Pre-proposals submission
  • October 14, 2016:  Select applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal
  • November 11, 2016:  Full proposals due
  • November 30, 2016:  Awards announced
  • January 2017:  Projects start

For questions please email TRI2016RFPQuestions@umich.edu or contact Umesh Patel, Sr. Director, Business Engagement, ucpatel@umich.edu, 734-647-6097.

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