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Updates Related to the Expanded “Sign PAF” Activity

We have some updates to share following the implementation of the expanded “Sign PAF” activity:

  1. Additional Details about the new “Other Support Review”
  2. Legacy “PI Sign Date” information restored to PAF Summary

Additional Details about the new “Other Support Review”  

On September 14, staff in the Office of Research & Sponsored Projects (ORSP) and the Conflict of Interest (COI) offices began a pilot program to ensure the information provided via the expanded “Sign PAF” activity is included in, and congruent with, documentation for federal sponsors such as NIH (“Other Support”) and NSF (“Current & Pending Support”).

“Other Support” (or Similar) Compliance Review at Proposals Submission 

A review of “Other Support” (or similar) documentation will occur at the time of proposal submission or “Just In Time” (JIT) whenever an investigator listed on a PAF with proposed federal funding answers “yes” to any of the four new International Engagement questions on the “Sign PAF” activity.

“Other Support” (or Similar) Compliance Review at Award Set-Up 

A second review of “Other Support” (or similar) documentation will also occur at the time of award creation. Using the same criteria (federally funded projects where an investigator has answered “yes” to one of four new International Engagement questions), the AWD record in the eResearch Proposal Management system will display a new item in the “Compliance Status” area called “Other Support Review” (as shown above).

Like other “Compliance Status” requirements, if the “Other Support Review” (described below) is not complete at the time ORSP signs off on the award, the AWD record in eRPM will move to the state of “Compliance Hold” (as shown below).

When an AWD record has been flagged for “Other Support Review,” staff in the COI offices will conduct a congruence review of information in: 1) the M-Inform system, 2) the sponsor’s required documentation (e.g., Other Support, Biosketch, Current/Pending Support), and 3) the answers provided by the investigator in the “Sign PAF” activity.
  • If updates are needed to an investigator’s M-Inform disclosure information, COI staff will contact the investigator. 
  • If updates are required on an investigator’s “Other Support” (or similar) documentation, ORSP staff will contact the investigator to make the necessary changes.

Once COI or ORSP staff complete their review, and no updates are needed, the status will display as “Green.” 

If you have questions regarding the new "Other Support Review" process, please contact

Legacy “PI Sign Date” information restored to PAF Summary

On PAFs where the UM Principal Investigator(s) signed prior to the 9/14/2020 eRPM release, ITS has populated the most recent date signed in the “Date Signed” field on the PAF Summary. The Recent Activity list in the PAF Workspace also displays the sign date.

If you have questions regarding the legacy “PI Sign Date,” please contact the ITS Service Center.

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