June 2015

M Research: News from the University of Michigan

Father knows best

The stay-at-home mom with the breadwinner dad model does not apply to the majority of families anymore. Fathers have taken on a much more substantial role over the years when it comes to caregiving, yet much of what we know about parenting focuses solely on mothers. A team of U-M researchers is working to change that.

Workplace intervention

A U-M researcher has developed an intervention to help people affected by social anxiety overcome barriers to employment.

Rumor has it

U-M researchers have developed software to identify and correct rumors on Twitter, which can impact financial markets and international relations.

Fuzzy thinking

People with depression or bipolar disorder often feel their thinking ability has gotten less sharp. U-M researchers have discovered the effect is real.

Science of small

U-M researchers are using Nobel Prize-winning microscope techniques to look closely at what scientists once thought would stay invisibily tiny.

Work jerks

Jerks at work do more than make you feel bad. U-M research shows they drag down the job performance of people who interact with them.

Down syndrome

A class of FDA-approved cancer drugs may hold the key to treating Down syndrome and other brain disorders, say U-M scientists. 
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