May 2015

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Flying through invisible

Picture yourself flying through space. At each turn, you find yourself immersed in pockets of pink and purple webs that look more like brain neurons than stars or planets. Welcome to "Jeweled Net of the Vast Invisible," an unconventional U-M research project that gives audiences an idea of what it feels like to fly through dark matter in our universe.

Earthquake aftermath

A massive earthquake killed thousands of people in Nepal last month, and the disaster could spur more landslides and mudslides this summer.

Your nearest grocer

Picture a scenario in which you shop for fruits and vegetables from your living room. Researchers foresee a spike in online grocery shopping.

Young guns

Urban emergency departments could prove to be a prime location to intervene and stop the cycle of firearm violence among youth.

Brain-belly connection

That little voice inside your head that tells you to eat, or to stop eating, is not a little voice. It is actually a cluster of about 10,000 specialized brain cells.

Glass ceiling

Climbing the corporate ladder with kids in tow could mark women for an extra helping of gender discrimination, new U-M research finds.

Hydrogen powered

Researchers explore efficient materials for hydrogen fuel cells, which could pave the way for a market-ready, hydrogen-powered vehicle. 

New look for research at U-M

U-M's Office of Research has completed a major overhaul of the university's central suite of research websites that capture the excitement and impact of U-M research, while providing better access to a broad range of information and resources about research across all three campuses.

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