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Finance and Research Updates - August 2015

What Research Administrators need to know at the University of Michigan

In this Issue:

Read on for a few key updates from Sponsored Programs, the Office of Contract Administration and the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects.

Changes to your Project/Grant Budget Status Reports

The costs formerly known as
UG Monitored Costs

When you next receive your Project/Grant Budget Status Reports, you may notice the references in MPathways have changed from A-21 Monitored to UG Monitored costs (Ex: Administrative Salaries (A-21 Monitored)  becomes Administrative Salaries (UG Monitored). This is to comply with the Uniform Guidance (UG).

Additionally, Sponsored Programs requested MPathways system changes to ensure that the UG Monitored Costs appear under the right category. The summary data of monitored costs might appear under a different area, simply because of how the UG classifies costs. For example, computer supplies used to appear under Research Supplies & Services, and now will appear under General Support/Other. This won't change the way you work, but we wanted you to be aware.

Resources to Learn More

If you need, please refer to the UG Monitored costs (formerly known as A-21) web page on the ORSP website.

SPG for Fiscal Responsibilities and Accounts Receivable Updated

Invoicing and Collections now handled by SSC

U-M has updated its Accounts Receivable and Fiscal Responsibilities Standard Practice Guides (SPGs), effective July 1, 2015. Both SPGs were revised based on the launch of the university’s Shared Services Center (SSC).
Under the updated Accounts Receivable SPG, invoicing and collections are now handled by the SSC.

The SSC website's Services Section has a variety of helpful resources related to Accounts Receivable.

The updated Fiscal Responsibilities SPG (section 500) includes additional information on the role of the SSC as it relates to fiscal responsibility and financial controls. 

Resources to Learn More

Tightening up the Process for Invoicing Subcontractors

Under the new UG regulations, recipients of Federal awards now have 30 days, from the time a proper invoice is received from a subrecipient, to pay that invoice. To ensure timely approval, the University of Michigan will modify procedures for processing payments from subrecipientsWe want you to know in advance that Finance-Sponsored Programs will adopt a new follow-up schedule for invoices and their associated Concurrence Receipts, that have been sent out for PI approval, but have not been returned.

Beginning August 10, we will follow the schedule outlined below: 

  1. Concurrence Receipt and invoice emailed to the appropriate department Single Administrative Point of Contact (SAPOC) and Principal Investigator (PI) for review and approval.
  2. 5 business days later, if no approval received, a reminder email will be sent to department SAPOC and PI.
  3. 10 business days later, if no approval received, a second reminder email will be sent to department SAPOC and PI.
  4. 15 business days later, if no approval received, a third reminder email will be sent to department SAPOC and PI.
  5. On the 20th business day, if no approval received, the matter will be referred to the Office of Contract Administration who will contact the department head. 

Thank you for your help and hard work in ensuring that we all adhere to the UG requirements.

Resources to Learn More

Please also find the new detailed Subcontract Section on Finance-Sponsored Programs Office of Contract Administration site. Here you can download the:

GSRA Rates Updated

ORSP has updated the Academic Year 2015-16 information for Graduate Student Research Assistant (GSRA) stipends, tuition and benefits on our website in the Develop Proposal > Budget and Cost Resources section.

Check Handling FAQs!

If you have ever received a check at U-M and did not know what to do with it, we have your resource.

Shared Services Center has provided an FAQ on Check Handling. This has great answers to questions like:

  • Q: My unit received a check that doesn’t belong to us. What should I do?
  • Q: Can I send the check to the SSC via campus or U.S. mail?
  • Q: How do I notify SSC if I am expecting an electronic payment?
Find out the answers to these questions and others here!

Uniform Guidance Info Session Materials Available

Did you miss the UG sessions? No worries. We have handouts on the web and we recorded one session for posterity. Remember that:

  1. U-M  transitioned to the Uniform Guidance on July 1, 2015, for all federal funds, regardless of award date and associated terms and conditions.
  2. U-M will adhere to the Uniform Guidance procurement standards by July 1, 2016.

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