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Introducing the new
UMICH Single IRB (sIRB) Review Core

A single IRB-of-Record (sIRB) must be designated for most federally-sponsored multi-site or cooperative human research projects.
Develop Proposal stageIf a study team wishes a U-M IRB to serve as the sIRB for a proposed project, the Principal Investigator (or designated study team member) must submit a request to their U-M IRB, during the Develop Proposal stage and prior to proposal submission, to confirm whether IRBMED or IRB-HSBS will agree to be the sIRB.

Beginning February 8, this request now will be done using the new UMICH Single IRB Review Core.  

MiCORES logoThe "sIRB Core is part of the Michigan Research Cores (MiCORES) platform, a third-party software system from Agilent/

sIRB Core Functions

sIRB Request Forms

Request Form 1:  U-M IRB as the sIRB for multi-site studies
(per the NIH sIRB definition/regulation)
Use this form for NIH-funded clinical trials and other studies where the same human research protocol will be conducted at  U-M and at external domestic research sites.  These studies are typically under IRBMED jurisdiction.

Request Form 2:  U-M IRB as the sIRB on collaborative studies
(per the Common Rule definition/regulation)
This form supports the establishment of IRB Authorization Agreements with external collaborators from other institutions or with individual investigators who are not affiliated with an IRB-holding institution.  This form will likely be utilized most by units/studies under IRB-HSBS jurisdiction.  The sIRB Coordinators will direct you when it's appropriate to use this form.

Request Form 3:  Consultation with an IRB staff member
Use this email form while within the sIRB Core to ask questions of an sIRB coordinator (e.g., sIRB options, assistance with form questions, general requests for sIRB budget information).  Sending an email to IRB staff from outside the sIRB Core is acceptable, too!

AttentionUsing the sIRB Core to request U-M sIRB services is a
pre-eResearch task!
  The sIRB Core does not replace the eResearch systems used to submit a sponsored funding proposal or to submit the IRB application for the human research study.

sIRB Billing

IRBMED will also use the sIRB Cores' billing function to send invoices for sIRB fees for applicable awarded projects under IRBMED jurisdiction.  IRB-HSBS will not utilize the billing function at this time.

Who Should Use the sIRB Core?

Principal Investigators and/or a designated Study Coordinator / Study Team Member are expected to use the sIRB Core, as they are the best source of the study details required in the sIRB Request forms.

When to Use the sIRB Core?

Submit your sIRB Request to a U-M IRB at least eight (8) weeks prior to sponsored proposal submission.  This request:
  • Provides key study details to the U-M IRB;
  • Accords the IRB the necessary time during the proposal development stage to validate U-M's capacity for initial IRB review and ongoing oversight of the project and to determine the resources that will be needed to serve as the sIRB;
  • Enables the IRB to provide sIRB budget information, as applicable, for the proposal or pending award (IRBMED only); and
  • Allows the IRB to confirm who will be sIRB for the project (i.e., U-M, another institution, or a commercial IRB) before the PI or Research Administrator answers the sIRB questions in the PAF.

Contacts & Resources

Questions?  An sIRB coordinator can assist you: Guidance Documentation:
UMICH Single IRB Review Core Features and Guidance
MiCORES Learning Site (UMICH, Level 1 login required)

U-M sIRB Webpages:
Single IRB-of-Record Process (HRPP)
Collaborative Research:  IRB-HSBS sIRB Process
IRBMED sIRB and Multi-Site Research (MSR) Guidance
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