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New SOP on Allocation of Personnel Costs During Unexpected or
Extraordinary Circumstances

The University of Michigan (U-M) Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) announces a new standard operating procedure: SOP 500.05 on Allocation of Personnel Costs During Unexpected or Extraordinary Circumstances.

Purpose of the Policy

In a time of unexpected or extraordinary circumstances that result in a significant disruption in research operations (an “Event”), it is possible there may be periods when work on sponsored projects may not be able to be performed.

During an Event, U-M may continue to pay salaries, wages, stipends, and benefits (collectively “Personnel Costs”), as directed by U-M Human Resources.

This policy allows for the charging of those Personnel Costs to sponsored projects, even though no work on the project is being performed due to the effect of the Event.

Whenever this occurs, U-M will consistently charge Personnel Costs to all funding sources (whether Federal, non-Federal, or U-M funds), subject to applicable sponsor regulations and guidelines. For clarity, Personnel Costs include the costs of paid absences from work during an Event.

Review the SOP 500.05 for the scenarios where this policy may be implemented.


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