December 2014

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M Research: News from the University of Michigan

Early engagement

A U-M undergraduate student traveled to China to interview residents who were injured in a massive earthquake. A fellow undergrad organized focus groups with female Somali refugees to learn more about their reproductive health. Undergraduate research is a key priority at U-M, as thousands of students annually participate in unique projects that have a major impact on society.

Influences on autism

One in 68 American children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder. U-M researchers plan to study social and environmental factors that may contribute to the development of autism.

Detroit gas index

Exhaust from cars, trucks and buses is responsible for about 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in Detroit, according to a citywide greenhouse gas inventory compiled by U-M students.

Gaucher treatment

A chemical entity invented at U-M to treat Gaucher disease achieved FDA approval, potentially helping the 1 in 50,000 to 100,000 people in the general population affected by the rare genetic disorder.

Safer surfing

The Internet is a scary place, as cyber attacks have become a serious concern among many web users. U-M researchers are developing tools to boost data protection and increase Internet safety.

Developing plastic

A plastic blend created at U-M is able to cast away heat 10 times better than its conventional counterparts, which could lead to more powerful electronics and more efficient vehicles.

How neurons multitask

For the first time, U-M researchers have shown how a single neuron can perform multiple functions in a model organism, which can help shed light on the human brain.
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