August 2015

M Research: News from the University of Michigan

Below the depths

They hold 90 percent of the nation's freshwater and supply 40 million people with drinking water. Yet the Great Lakes are routinely exposed to environmental influences that have potential to sour both the economy and public health. Forty miles separate Ann Arbor from its closest Great Lake, but the work of about 70 U-M researchers has a profound impact on the health and vitality of all five lakes.

The rat catchers

A U-M student trekked through the mountains of Mexico this summer to study whether the region's coffee fields impact migration of rats and mice.

Safe sounds

Certain ambient sounds can create a feeling of safety in places that often give you the creeps, like empty metro stations, according to U-M research.

Stay on track

No motivation to hit the gym? A U-M researcher looks at ways to help people change their behavior so they can stick with their exercise plans.

Brain power

Eleven new research projects funded by U-M aim to unlock the mysteries of brain disorders like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, epilepsy and stroke.

Weep and get more

Want a leg up in negotiations? U-M research suggests that people who express sadness during negotiations can gain concessions.

Adolescent health

Obesity, bullying, drug abuse and Internet safety rank among the top health concerns for U.S. children, according to a new U-M study.
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