September 2015

M Research: News from the University of Michigan

The 'best' medicine

Doctors call it one of the best prescriptions on the market. It can help you live a longer life. It can improve your mood. And it's free. Yet more than 50 percent of U.S. adults do not get enough exercise. Researchers at the University of Michigan make a good case for millions of Americans to realign their priorities and embrace physical activity.

Super attractor

A small, implantable device developed at U-M could play a critical role in slowing the spread of breast cancer to other organs in the body. 

Pot popularity grows

Daily marijuana use among U.S. college students is on the rise, surpassing daily cigarette use for the first time in 2014, U-M research shows.

Employee satisfaction

No passion at work? Contrary to popular belief, a love-at-first-sight experience is not necessary when evaluating a potential job.

Road less traveled

Less traffic on your morning commute? Americans spend 10 percent less time on trips for daily activities than they did a decade ago.

Data driven

U-M plans to invest $100 million over five years to enhance opportunities for researchers to tap into the enormous potential of big data.

Depression discovery

The discovery by U-M researchers of a new brain protein dispels previous findings and could lead to better treatments of depression.
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