October 2015

M Research: News from the University of Michigan

Powered up

Batteries power everything from electric cars to pacemakers. But as technology in today's devices continues to evolve, battery technology also must follow suit. A new battery lab at U-M provides space and tools for researchers to find ways to make batteries lighter, safer and less costly.

A little respect

Do you work in an environment that promotes respect? If so, new research suggests you will likely reach higher levels of creativity.

Get the light out

Advances in technology could improve the efficiency and display value in more than 750 million smartphone and tablet screens.

1000 genomes

A catalog that features genetic information from people all over the world could help scientists identify treatments and cures for disease.

Coffee killer

A fungus spreading across Mexico and Central America with alarming speed is devastating crops and threatening the future of coffee.

Children's health

The adverse impact of maternal drinking on children's health is well documented, but what about other environmental exposures?

Innovative approach

From software that quickly identifies cancer markers to tools that improve surgical precision, U-M spurred 19 startups last year.
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