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Contracts and Funding Agreements Must be Finalized Prior to ORSP Review

Please note that contracts and funding agreements being routed to ORSP for review on or after January 6, 2020, must be finalized and unit-approved in order to reach ORSP.

With the implementation of the University’s new deadline policy for the submission of external funding proposals on January 6, 2020, all proposals, contracts, and funding agreements must be “finalized” and unit-approved in the eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM) system in order for ORSP to receive the Proposal Approval Form (PAF). 
Although the deadline policy is not enforced on PAFs that do not have a Submission Deadline (and therefore the rules regarding Full and Limited Reviews do not apply), the eRPM system still requires the finalization and unit approval of PAFs that are being routed for the purpose of reviewing/negotiating a contract or funding agreement.  

Until a unit-approved PAF has been finalized in eRPM, the PAF will remain in the PI/Project Team’s inbox in the state of “Awaiting Final Proposal.”

How to Finalize
To finalize a PAF, either:
  • prior to routing for unit review, In PAF Section 6, Submission Information--Proposal Documents, answer “Yes” to question 6.5, “Are all of your documents uploaded and are you ready to finalize?” (see screenshot 1 below),

  • after routing for unit review, click the “Finalize for Submission to Sponsor” activity under “Manage Data” on the left side of the PAF workspace (see screenshot 2 below).
Screenshot 1 (click screenshot 1 to view larger version):

Screenshot 2 (click screenshot 2 to view larger version)

Please be sure to incorporate this finalization step into your process on and after January 6, 2020.


For more information on all eRPM updates, please visit the eRPM What’s New page. For questions, please contact the ITS Service Center.

ITS Service Center

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