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eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM)
Update Enhancements

As of Monday, September 12, eRPM has been updated to version 6.7 with several enhancements and minor changes. For additional details and screenshots, please see eRPM Version 6.7 Release Notes.

Proposal Approval Forms (PAF), Awards (AWD), and Award Change Requests (ACR)

  • Updated the International Engagement questions for clarity on the “Sign” activities for PAF, AWD, and ACR projects.
  • Updated PAF worksheet pages to more current technology; therefore, an additional slide-in screen will display to add and update data on the General Space page for questions 4.2, 4.3, and 4.4.1.
  • Updated a selection choice for question external Institutional Review Board (IRB) on the Research Activity page; Western IRB is now WCG IRB. This was due to a merger of other commercial entities.

Copy PAF Info to Grant.gov Forms (SF424) 

  • Authorized Official change: Updated the copy-map functionality to change the Authorized Official listed on forms cover pages. This will change to Andrea Anderson, Associate Director of ORSP, as we transition for Craig Reynolds' departure on October 1, 2022.  
  • For U-M Dearborn and U-M Flint: Updated the Primary Performance Site address on the Project/Performance Site Location form to match the Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) that is selected when running the “Copy PAF Information to Grants-gov Forms” activity. This applies to Dearborn and Flint campuses only.

Unfunded Agreements (UFA)

  • Added new terms and types to the “Manage Special Terms and Program Types” activity, so they match the terms and types of AWDs.

Subcontracts (SUBK)

  • Added the ability to flag SUBKs that need additional sponsor approval. This change includes:
    • A new term "SUBK Restricted - Sponsor Reapproval Required" for restricted SUBKs.
    • A new workflow stop for SUBKs marked as restricted. Any SUBKs on an Award will stop with the Project Representative (PR) before routing to the Office of Contract Administration (OCA).
    • A new workspace message will display for SUBKs that are restricted.
  • Updated OCA’s contact phone number on the “Request SUBK Amendment” activity to the Sponsored Programs’ contact number of (734) 764-8204.

Acronyms Used Throughout

ACR: Award Change Request
AWD: Award record
eRPM: eResearch Proposal Management system
IRB: Institutional Review Board
OCA: Office of Contract Administration
PAF: Proposal Approval Form
SF-424: Standard Form 424 (for Grants.gov)
SUBK: Subcontracts
UFA: Unfunded Agreement
U-M: University of Michigan


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