At the time of distribution, this update provides the latest information on current and upcoming construction related activity for the KC Downtown Streetcar Project. For additional info please visit 

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Week of July 13, 2015 | KC Downtown Streetcar Construction Update

Streetcar progress can be seen on the ground and in the air
Even with the rainy forecasts, construction on the KC Downtown Streetcar has made significant progress this summer, with overhead wires being installed and the last of the track pours scheduled for this month. As of July 1, more than 20,360 track feet has been placed in the ground and 82% of work on the Singleton Yard vehicle maintenance facility is complete. Click the image on the left for more info. 

Traffic is still congested in the Central Business District between 8th - 12th Streets as crews work on the final segments of track. Please check the construction map on and our twitter feed (@kcstreetcar) daily for road closures updates.  

For more detailed information about streetcar construction, including projected work duration or a "look ahead", please visit the KC Streetcar website. For the most up-to-date info follow the project on twitter @kcstreetcar
  • Traffic signal replacements and restoration work at the corners of 19th & Main. Look for lane shifts. 19th & Main is currently signed as a 4-way stop.
  • Station stop platform work on northeast corner of 19th & Main. East lane closed. Traffic shifted to the west. 
  • Track turnout construction on Main St Viaduct.  Traffic pushed to the center of Main, south of 20th St. Dedicated lane for Bus loading and unloading only on the east side.
  • NON-STREETCAR WORK taking place on 20th St between McGee and SW Blvd. Work being performed by Kansas City's Water Services Department and anticipated to take two months. 
  • NON-STREETCAR WORK taking place south of Pershing and Main. This is related to water work. 
  • Northbound track work from Delaware Bridge - 12th St. 
  • 7/14-7/15: 10th St closed between Main-Walnut. Open to garage and local access only. 
  • 7/14-7/15: Track work in front of 811 Main St Garage. Access is restricted to one lane into the garage during this work. 
  • 7/15 AND 7/17: Work in from of 1025 Main St Garage between the hours of 12:01am to 5am, both nights. This will be a night closure and be reopened during the day. 
  • 7/18: 811 Main Garage Main St access closed, 12:00am-5:00am. 
  • KCATA Transit Center turn around closed during track work.
  • 10th St closed between west bound Main-Baltimore. Open eastbound only. Bus loading zone relocated on 10th St between Baltimore-Main. (track)
  • Ongoing work for Overhead Contact System poles and electrical systems in the Power & Light District and in the Central Business District: Corners of 7th & Main; 13th & Main and east side of Main between 12th-13th.
  • NON-STREETCAR WORK taking place at the Transit Center at 10th & Main. This is renovation work by the KCATA. 
  • *Please take note of any Rider Notices from the KCATA. Bus pick-up and drop-off locations may shift. 
  • 3rd & Grand track and signal work. * Please note that the KCATA Bus and Mega Coach Bus drop-off/pick-up location on Grand has moved to 3rd & Oak.  
  • Sidewalk & curb work on 3rd St.
  • Pedestrian streetlight repair, 5th & Delaware
  • Regulation of overhead wires ongoing in the River Market area: 3rd & 5th Streets between Delaware & Grand, and Grand and Delaware Streets between 3rd and 5th. 
  • Station stop build at 5th and Walnut. Work includes curb and sidewalk restoration on the southwest corner of 5th & Walnut.
    • No parking along 5th St between Walnut - Main during the weekdays. 
    • Two-way traffic on 5th St will be maintained.
    • Parking on 5th will return on the weekends. 


Streetcar platform construction is ongoing. Anticipated completion of all private (third-party) utility work is Summer 2015. KC Streetcar Constructors' track work continues in the Central Business District through July 2015.  Systems work, such as the overhead power system, will continue through Summer 2015. Streetcar vehicles estimated to arrive in fall 2015. Systems testing estimated to begin in mid fall 2015.
About the Downtown Kansas City Streetcar Starter Line
The two-mile, north-south Downtown KC Streetcar will travel along Main Street and connect the River Market to Crown Center and Union Station, serving the Central Business District, the Crossroads Art District, and the Power and Light District, as well as numerous businesses, restaurants, art galleries, educational facilities and residents. 

For more information visit us on the Web, Facebook and Twitter or contact the Project Hotline at 816-804-8882 or
About KC Streetcar Constructors 
KC Streetcar Constructors (KCSC) is the project team building the two-mile KC Downtown Streetcar starter line. KCSC is a joint venture of St. Joseph-based Herzog Transit Contracting Corp. and California rail builder Stacy and Witbeck, Inc.
About this Update
This weekly construction update provides weekly, at-a-glance information related to the streetcar construction that is taking place this week.  For more information, including upcoming work, check out the project website and follow the streetcar on Twitter @kcstreetcar and Facebook. All work activities and time frames are subject to change due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. 
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