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Agenda Announcement

The hustle is real y’all. This is us. This is you. Right now.

But in one short week, we will all be together and it will amazing. 

We are seriously excited to share with you the final agenda to sink your teeth in to. For some it might be controversial, or uncomfortable, for others it might be juicy and curious. 

What we hope for is that our programming will make you think. Across all landscapes of your life. Brand, Business, & Bliss. 

Strategy Session Sign-Up
We are kicking off Thursday with an seriously awesome piece of additional programming. A What is your End Game?  Next Steps strategy session in the morning from 10-12pm will help you set your intentions on what you want out of Bliss and what you want out of your business. 

SEATING IS LIMITED for this so we ask that you fill out our questionnaire in advance of Bliss. As soon as we hit our capacity, we will close off the questionnaire. 
Mature Content Heads Up
We always want everyone to feel comfortable to come to BlissDom. This year, we are aware that many of our dialogues are mature content in nature. A few of the brands we are working with are specific to an adult audience (which might preclude certain areas becoming 19+).

Please let us know if you have planned to bring a baby/child to the event. It will allow us to adjust accordingly if required. 

We ask that you send a note to by Monday, October 22nd.
Speaker Announcements

Ann-Marie Burton

An innovative, entrepreneurial and strategic communicator who's founding partner and co-owner of LeftTurn Strategy, a marketing and communications agency based west of Toronto. After hitting the milestone of 40, Ann-Marie decided to take a 'left turn' with her career and launch LTS with 2 female allies who ensure they always love the work they do. Read More

Camille Dundas

Camille Dundas is a social storyteller. She works for three different companies, two of which she co-founded with her husband. One is boutique publicity firm 404 Media Group. And the other is online magazine, where Camille serves as the editor in chief. Read More

Nadine Moffatt

My core desire is to work with others to make them feel better. As an empath, intuitive, and energy worker I am quick to find connection and clarity.

My understanding for the need to Be Still developed through a difficult experience in my life. Although it was hard to see in the moment, I have truly learned that everything that takes place has its reasons, and that they are meant to teach us if we are quiet and listen to our deepest wisdom. Read More

Dila Velazquez

Dila Velazquez is the Content and Audience Development Manager for Curiouscast, Corus Entertainment’s Podcast Network. Previously she helped develop and grow eOne’s Podcast Network. Dila believes that everyone has a story to tell, but sometimes they need help shaping them. Read More

Ashley Riske

Ashley Riske is the VP Marketing Strategy for Kin Community Canada and leads the company’s sales and client-marketing operations. She helped lead the launch of Kin in Canada in 2014 and she and her team have worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies. Read More

Laura Cannone

Laura Cannone, one half of the inspiring social media duo The GG Sisters, has over 12 years of hands-on industry experience in online marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, and franchising. Beginning her career as Co-Founder of the popular tween spa, The Glama Gals Kids Spa Franchise, Laura has expanded and developed her skills and is now one of the leading voices for both parenting and entrepreneurial advice. Read More

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