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29 February
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  • Do you not have enough time to relax?
  • Do you feel like work is draining all the energy out of you?
  • Do you have unexplainable physical pains?
  • Do you feel unsatisfied with your social life?
If you have answered to one or more questions yes, it is very likely that your life is not balanced and you are at risk of increasing your stresslevels above the max. In last week´s blog I explained the five domains that have influence on your stresslevel and if your life is balanced or not.
The domains are also interrelated. If for example you have physical pains (body) you may not be able to go for a run (free time). Or if you have too much social obligations (relations), you might not have enough time to do nothing at all (purposeless time). 

What can you do to prevent your life from getting out of balance?
1 Take a good look at your life, at the five domains. (and/or take the balance scan)
2 Decide which domains you want to improve.
3 Set goals, for example: once a week I will have two hours for me (time).

A few small and easy steps to keep your life in balance are: 
- Have sufficient hours of sleep
- Go for a walk daily (preferable 30 minutes a day)
- Block time in your agenda for you
- Block time for your friends, partner and family
- Eat healty (homemade) food
- Look for possibilities to make your work more attractive
- Talk to your manager if your workload is too much

There are many more steps and actions to add. I am certain that you can think of some steps yourself. Feel free to tell me how you manage your worklife balance.
I love to hear it. 

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Tapa Carmen San Miguel

Tapas in Granada

I would like to tell you about another initiative of mine, which has a lot to do with purposeless time.
This website has several pages of interesting bars in Granada and it´s surrounding villages.
I also write blogs about my experiences in some of the bars. Go check it out if you plan on visiting Granada, or pass it on to someone else who will visit Granada.
Thanks in advance. 

Balance scan

As said in the latest blog, during the month of February it is possible to receive the balance scan for free.
Get quickly insight if your life is in balance or what you can do to make it more balanced.
The balance scan is also available in Nederlands and Deutsch. 
Send an email and you will receive the balance scan in your preferred language.

Book tip

Todays book tip is about how to beat stress with NeuroImagination.
This book is also available in Dutch, but not yet in English. 

Sofort Hilfe bei Stress und Burnout: Neue Energie in wenigen Tagen - Coaching mit Neuroimagination
- Horst Kraemer

Enjoy it and let me know what you think about it! 
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