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15 - 19th of August:
VIP week Granada
2 - 9th of September:
Intensive Stress week Granada
Each first Thursday of the month
Five senses, Introduction to NeuroImagination

Hola <<First Name>>

How are you? Are you enjoying your summer? 
It has been a while since I sent my last E-zine or wrote a blogpost. And yes it has something to do with the topic of this month; doing nothing or having purposeless time. 

And I have to admit it is not always easy. Okay in June I was back in The Netherlands and spent some time visiting friends and family, enjoying the time off. But really doing nothing and just using my five senses to discover the world? No not really.
At the end of June I got the advice to really start adding doing nothing to my always doing something schedule. And unfortunately running or going to a sauna was not part of it. Both, even though relaxing, do bring about the stress hormones. I just had to sit in the park and check out the ground for a couple of minutes and then start looking around. Finished with the ground quite quickly to be honest. Looking to the sky and the beautiful nature surrounding me, was more full-filling. But, just focusing on what I saw, heard, smelt, felt and tasted is really not easy. 

Since my return I have spent more time in my hammock then ever before, but really doing nothing is still a bridge to far. But hey, I keep on trying.
How about you? Do you spend time doing nothing and just be one with the world using your five senses to fully live it? I would love to hear your experiences. Feel free to share them. 

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VIP week

* Do you want to know the path of your heart?
* Want a quick result from your search?
* And at the same time enjoy the magic of the city Granada?

Then sign up for the VIP week, in which I am 5 days 24/7 there for you. First date August 15th. Other dates open to discus. 

Five Senses

August the 4th we will start with a monthly introductory interactive workshop to Neuroimagination. Learn to release your stress and change your mood positively in less than 10 minutes.
Check our Facebook page for dates and the language of the workshop given.

Book tip

Todays book tip is not about any specific book.
This months topic is doing nothing, enjoying purposeless time. 
So just pick any book you like, maybe reread a book you really liked.

Enjoy it and let me know which book you choose! 
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