Different styles of communication and stress


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In my latest blog I already mentioned that there exist four different types of communication.

Within Neuroimagination we differentiate between: 
•    Goal oriented
•    Continuous
•    Creative
•    Exact 

Usually there is one dominant style, but you also have a second important style. Most stress will occur if you have to deal with someone of the opposite style, so goal oriented versus continuous and creative versus the exact type. 

What are the strong points of each type? And what happens when in stress?
* The goal oriented type has a strong will and wants to reach the goal in a quick and efficient way. When he gets stressed he tends to become dominant, does not listen anymore to others and takes no breaks.
* The continuous type focuses on the relationship between people and is loyal. When he gets stressed he cannot say no anymore, gives in and tries to avoid conflicts. 
* The creative type is friendly, open for new things and experiences and brings in ideas for solving problems. In stressful situations he tends to stay away from problems and works his ass off. 
* The exact type is detail oriented and can analyse things well and find the connection between things. Under stress he tends to become rigid and narrow minded. 

If you want to know what you should do to avoid the stress in the conversation, you can continue reading in this blog.

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In the next blogs of this month I will explain more on how the four different styles of communicating have a different role in a team and on how you can influence the relationship with the other.

Book tip

Today's book tip is about a book I bought several months ago. The way we think also influences how we communicate. 

Thinking, fast and slow 
- Daniel Kahneman

Enjoy it and let me know what you think about it! 
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