Youth Activities this Week:

NO YOUTH Wed night, Feb 1, due to the RUMC Quilt Show

Winterjam 2017: February 2
Refuge youth will be traveling to Winterjam on Thursday February 2. The event will be held at the Mobile Mitchell Center. We will meet at Robertsdale United Methodist Church right after school. We plan to depart by 3:30. Dinner will be provided.  Doors open at 4:30, and the show starts at 7:00.  Students should visit the vendor tables prior to the concert to purchase concert merch.  We will not have time at the end of Winter Jam.  Also, we WILL NOT buy food/souvenirs or take bathroom breaks during the concert. There will be breaks between performances.  We have a large group of 40, including adults.  We will sit together during the concert.  Small groups may take bathroom/food breaks at the designated break times, and must notify an adult leader. The show will last approximately four hours.  ETA return to RUMC approximately midnight.

Super Bowl Party: Sunday Feb. 5
We will have a Super Bowl Party this Sunday at the church from 5:45 - 8:00.  Be there or be square.

Sunday Night Small Group Series: Dateable
 Do you want to be dateable? Of course you do! All of us want to know that we are desirable to some other person. That there is another person out there somewhere who not only finds us attractive, but also finds us interesting, and smart, and funny, and strong, and inspiring, and did I mention attractive? We all want to be prime dating material, not just for someone, but for the right someone. But how does that happen? How does a person become more or less dateable? And, how do you practice being dateable when you’re 100%, unquestionably single? While the Bible doesn’t offer very specific advice on what to wear or which movie to see on a date, it does have some real, practical, and honest advice that is helpful whether you’re currently dating or just hope to in the future. As we take a closer look at what the Bible says about our relationships and what Jesus said was most important, we may just discover that the best thing that could happen to our love life is love itself. 

Hope you can join us this Sunday Night!

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