Youth Activities this Week:

Refuge Youth: This Wed. March 8
Join us on Wednesday nights as we read through the book Creed as a church.  Throughout the season of Lent we will be learning about the Apostles Creed and what it means to us as Christians.

Sunday Night Small Group Series: March 11, 5:45 - 7:30
I'm In
“Are you in?” It’s a question we all answer over and over again. When there’s a party, when our coach says it’s time for tryouts, when we’re offered a summer job, when our friends go to the movies, or when someone invites us to church, we all have the chance to decide if we’re “in” or “out” for that particular activity. Sometimes the answer is an easy, “Count me in!” Other times it’s tougher. There are good reasons on both sides. Some of Jesus’ friends were faced with the same decision of whether they were “in” or “out.” They had good reasons to join the Jesus movement, but they also had some pretty compelling reasons to step out—things like doubt, guilt, pride, and the fear of what they might miss. As we get to know these sometimes famous and devoted followers, we’ll talk about the decision they faced, why they could have walked away, and what led them to say, “I’m in.

Hope you can join us this Sunday Night!
Spring Break Activity: March 29
Refuge youth will go to Gulf Bowl in Foley.  More information to come.

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