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Be Lumin-Us
Volume 6 | Issue 9
We are unrelenting in our pursuit of an equitable and just world

Edges Revisited

It’s about 7:30 AM and I am sitting on my folks’ patio. The air is filled with the sounds of Gambel’s Quail, Mourning Doves, Bendire’s Thrasher, a Mocking Jay and the lawn mower cutting the golf greens. A bunny just appeared. Oh, a family of quail (about 10) are wandering around. It has a slight Peaceable Kingdom vibe. 

FInished on a mid day flight back from PHX enjoying the mountain ranges below. 
Confession. I am enjoying the temperature and views from the infinity pool. I wrote about being mindful of the importance of staying at the edges that pool. I did not. I am also not sure I want to come back.

It has implications I realize. 

Sitting with it 

تجربتها من أجل الحجم


So with that as my current truth I thought I would use this time mid air to take in the wisdom of the Edges’ contributors for inspiration, grounding, and perhaps salvation although to be honest I don’t think someone else can save you or that people need saving (for another time). Following are phrases and practices that resonate in this intentional pause as I move towards the deepest part of the pool where I am surrounded by infinite possibilities.

The interdependence found in community allows for each of us to rest when we need toAmoretta Morris

It is on the edge between this reality and a future that is free from patriarchy and white supremacy that I feel hope. Ada WIlliams Prince 

He reminded me that I don't only have human relatives and ancestors rooting for me. Anna Cruz

I rediscovered that it really is the small things that matter - a squeeze of the hand, a hug, deep belly laughs, laying your head on a loved one’s shoulder. Marissa Tirona

I am learning to lighten my load by sharing it. Dr. Chera Reid 

So acute is my awareness that I now find myself yearning (and beginning) to leap toward something new, away from an edge and into a circle. Karina Lehrner

Deepest appreciation to the humans above who offered peeks into 
their soul’s edges as they navigate the intersections of work, life and play. 

Jara Dean-Coffey
Founder, Luminare Group | Founder and Director, Equitable Evaluation Initiative
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Now we will leave you with where we began. What are you:
  • feeling,
  • exploring,
  • pushing against,
  • working within,
  • hanging on by a thread,
  • or flying over with a running start?
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Jara Dean-Coffey
Jara Dean-Coffey (jdc) is Founder and Director of the Equitable Evaluation Initiative and the Founder of Luminare Group. For the past twenty-five years, she has partnered with clients and colleagues to elevate their collective understanding of the relationship between values, context, strategy and evaluation and shifting our practices so that they are more fully in service of equity. For more about musings + machinations click here.

Luminare Group is a black woman-owned firm. 

Our multifaceted, multidisciplinary team brings together a distinctive set of diverse experiences, passions and talents.

We provide strategic planning, evaluation, capacity building and resources for leaders and organizations addressing disparity and structural barriers to equity.

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