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Jacqueline Jax Silva

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Sunday, March 9, 2014
10:00 AM Service


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Saturday, February 22, 2014
6:00 PM Potluck
7:00 PM Concert

Saturday, March 15, 2014
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“Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.”
-- Golda Meir

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     There are lots of exciting things happening around Harmony Playground. All you local folks probably know about our upcoming Harold Payne house concert - that's this Saturday, Feb. 22.  If you haven't made your reservation yet, get your tickets now while you are thinking about it and before you they sell out.   

      Here are some samples of Harold:

               Music Speaks Louder Than Words (song)
               We Can Make a Difference
               Harold’s Ted talk on “Preparing for Spontaneity”

Living All the Way CD Cover     On another subject, one of the songs from my Living All the Way CD, "Ocean in Motion," has been getting some airplay.  The Giggle Box Project will be including it on their compilation CD for hospitalized children.  It's about bringing laughter into their lives.  

     And have you discovered Heart Wind Music Library?  It's a terrific place to find non-denominational, positive (and some devotional) music.  They have sheet music and MP3s available for download and it's all organized by artist, subject, style, title - you name it.  "Ocean In Motion" will join the library there.  

Faith Rivera     It gives me great pleasure to formally announce that Faith Rivera will be coming to Harmony Playground.  Faith Rivera is one of our favorite progressive artists.  She positively radiates love!  If Tony Robbins were a girl, could sing like Mariah, groove like Madonna and inspire like Oprah, you’d get Faith – an Emmy award-winning singer, songwriter, and inspirational speaker/facilitator. 

     You may have seen her performing at the Hollywood Bowl, with the Honolulu Symphony, in a virtual live-streaming concert or “playshop,” or any number of varied venues.  Faith’s empowering songs have been used in TV shows such as Hawaii Five-0, Scrubs, and ER and also to support best-selling authors, heart-centered entrepreneurs, and progressive organizations such as the Association for Global New Thought and Unity Worldwide.  

     Here is a sampling of Faith’s music:

              I will Surrender
              Stand Together (with Harold Payne)
              Don’t Stop Me (Could not resist this one – some of you may recognize the Faith "impostor”)

Detail in a Nutshell:
What: Intimate house concert featuring Faith Rivera
When: Saturday, March 15, 6:00 PM Potluck, 7:00 PM, Concert
Al & Jacqueline Silva’s Harmony Playground, Poway, CA
(address provided after ticket purchase)
Adults (16+) $20, Children $5
CDs also available for purchase
Information: 842-4155
Potluck: Please bring food or drink to share. Plates and utensils will be provided. 

     With over 15 years of making music and touching lives, Faith will leave you moved and inspired by your own special magic.
Teri Wilder plays the gong
     Did you miss our January house concert with Teri Wilder?  It was a wonderfully good time!  Not only did we enjoy a delicious smorgasbord of wonderful dishes and kind-hearted guests, Teri treated us to such a lively and engaging concert, we couldn't keep still or quiet.  We enjoyed clapping and singing along with her as her music warmed our hearts.Teri Wilder concert
     As an added surprise, she gave us a demonstration of her gong and took us through a mini meditation.  You had to be there to appreciate how special this was.  The concert was warm, intimate, and fun.  

     We now have our new sound system up and running and it sounds great!  We are so looking forward to hosting Harold and Faith and would love to welcome you into our home. 

Al and Jacqueline Jax Silva
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