Jana Stanfield and Nathen Aswell coming to Harmony Playground!

Upcoming Concert

Nathen Aswell

Saturday, July 11, 2015
Potluck 6:00 PM
Concert: 7:00 PM
Adults $25, Children $5

Tickets available at
"When we stand
Between the no longer
and the no yet,
Sometimes we falter
When we forget
That the answers we can't see
Wait patiently
Between the no longer
and the not yet."
 --Jana Stanfield
from "Between the No Longer
and the Not Yet"
Saturday, July 11, 2015 
Potluck 6:00 PM, Concert 7:00 PM 
     16 seats left. This newsletter will be short and sweet.

     Folks, you can read all about Jana's platinum album status and Nathen's intricate, musical finger-work magic from the links in this letter, but here is the thing: their music will move you to want to be a better person. Please come and join us this coming Saturday.

     Here is a sampling of their songs:
    Tickets are available at: 

     A huge "Thank you!" to Dave Howard for a wonderfully fun June concert. We celebrated both our birthdays in style. If you wanted one of his CDs, but didn't get it that night, click here to check out his "Helluva Highway" offering. 

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   We would love to welcome you into our home. We hope to see you Saturday!

Al and Jacqueline Jax Silva

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