Jacqueline Jax Silva

- Our audience survey is coming soon.


- Read about why donating to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation is so personally motivating to us. 


- Take a look at the incredible list of Harmony Playground Alumni and their websites.

"The most important thing that keeps people going is connections - connections to people, to interests, to the outside."
-- Hedda Bulgar


Enjoy! We are looking forward to a time when we can, once again, enjoy live music together, in person.

Al and Jacqueline Silva


Concert News

Coming Out Soon?

Boy, we are looking forward to hosting concerts again! When?

We would like you to weigh in on that. Soon, we'll be releasing a survey to ask under which conditions you would feel happy and safe attending our concerts. We are not quite ready to open up, but we (like everyone) look forward to hearing our favorite artists as quickly as is safe and feasible. In the meantime, can you help us out? See below.

"Take Steps" Walk

Help Us Reach Our Goal

Last Year's Fundraising WalkMy 61st birthday is this month. I am celebrating every dollar we raise for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation.

It's personal. Here's why:

  • We lost daughter Jennifer due to complications with Crohn's
  • This year, son Geoff completed his 3rd surgery after having had his colon removed due to severe ulceration colitis
  • Older brother Richard has suffered with colitis his entire adult life - close to 50 years

Today, there is no cure. Crohn’s disease and ulceration colitis affect over 3 million Americans. Please help us reach our team "JenFrey" goal so that together, we can support the crucial work this organization is doing to find cures for the future, while providing support to patients today.

Harmony Playground Artists

Websites/Contact Information

Musicians have just started to find places to play. Below, we list the artists/websites of our Harmony Playground alumni for your listening and informational pleasure. We always encourage you to support our artists! 

Scott Ainslie  ♪♫  Jan & JD  ♪♫  Christopher Dale

Harold Payne  ♪♫  Jana Stanfield  ♪♫  Lee Coulter

Tom Kimmel  ♪♫  Eve Selis  ♪♫  Mark Twang

Tom Prasada-Rao  ♪♫  Michael McNevin  ♪♫  Peter Bolland

David Roth  ♪♫  StoweGood  ♪♫  Freebo

Jeff Berkley  ♪♫  BerkleyHart  ♪♫  Gregory Paige

Nathen Aswell  ♪♫  Veronica May  ♪♫  Amy Steinberg
Michael Lille  ♪♫  Nathan Weldon  ♪♫  Cahill & Delene

Karl Anthony  ♪♫  Faith Rivera  ♪♫  Teri Wilder

Susan Marie Reeves  ♪♫  Ed Tree  ♪♫  Dave Howard

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