A is for audience, B is for banners, C is for customers ... read our selection from the A – Z we’ve written about in our blog this year.
The A – Z of Marketing

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At the start of 2014 someone gave me the idea of writing a series of blogs, to create an A – Z of Marketing. Having a series to follow is a great way of writing regular articles, because when it comes to writing time, it means you've never stuck for something to write about – the topics come really easily.

In this issue of Scribbles I'm going to share some of my favourites with you. There isn't room for all them, but you can find the whole list here with links to each letter.

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In the A – Z of Marketing ...

So here are a few of my favourite letters.

H is for How to ...? This blog is about how to promote your service business by writing 'how to' articles.

P is for Pictures and how to use them to bring your marketing messages to life.

R is for Referrals. What's the best way to get them? This blog will tell you.

U is for Unique and why it's important to know what really makes your business different.

V is for Values. The November issue of Scribbles was about the importance of values too, because they play a huge role in promoting a small business and yet they are so often overlooked.

And X, Y and Z are all pretty good blogs too! Follow the links and you’ll be able to read them.

If G is for Giving ...

... then B could be for books (writing them and sharing your expertise and advice with people) while S could be Survival (how to survive many years in business.)

So if G is for giving, I've decided to give away a number of copies of my second book, One in Ten, which is all about how to survive at least 10 years in business. It's full of practical advice you can apply to your business and warns you about all the mistakes that I made, so that you can avoid them. If you need a bit of motivation or inspiration to keep you going this year, I'm told that my book is full of it!

If you'd like a free copy, just click here to tell me why and if I like what you say, I'll pop a copy in the post to you. Just remember to send me your address!