There are two rules of marketing. Follow them and you’ll avoid two of the Massive Marketing Mistakes that far too many small businesses make.
What Are The Two Rules of Marketing?

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During the last 15 years spent helping small businesses to grow, I’ve seen too many of them make too many mistakes with their marketing. This leaves them struggling to make a living and wondering when it will ever get easier. Over this time, I’ve also created two rules of marketing. Follow them and you’ll avoid two of the Massive Marketing Mistakes that far too many small businesses make.

This issue of Scribbles outlines the last two Massive Marketing Mistakes and how you can avoid them by following the rules of marketing.

If you missed Mistakes 1-7 you can read them all here, on our blog.

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Massive Marketing Mistakes - The Last Two

Massive Marketing Mistake Number Eight – Using Ad Hoc Marketing

“I’ve tried direct marketing and it doesn’t work.” “I went networking once but it didn’t bring me any new clients.”

These are phrases that I often hear. It’s like saying “I had one ice skating lesson and still didn’t win the first competition I entered.” Instead of falling over and hurting yourself, you need to invest in lessons and plenty of practice, to make sure that you reach the right standard. Sending one piece of direct mail without researching it first and doing any follow up afterwards is unlikely to get you any results. Going to one networking meeting isn’t enough time to allow new people to get you know you properly. This is ad hoc marketing. The first rule of marketing is that ad hoc marketing does not work. If you try it, you’ll be committing Massive Marketing Mistake Number Eight.

How do you avoid the eighth Massive Marketing Mistake? Look at the list of possible online and offline marketing activities that you can use and stick to ones that can be done on a regular, sustained basis. One blog every month for a whole year will be more effective than a single direct mail letter. Click here to find out more about avoiding Massive Mistake Number Eight.

Massive Marketing Mistake Number Nine – Not Measuring Your Marketing

You’ve carefully planned your marketing – you know exactly who your ideal clients are and how to attract them. You’ve worked out what you can afford to do, who will do it and when. Your marketing is going really well and new business is coming in. But how much of your marketing is effective? Which activities are working best? If you don’t know, you’re committing Massive Marketing Mistake Number Nine and you won’t be able to follow the second rule of marketing: Find out what marketing works for your business and do more of it.

How do you avoid the last Massive Marketing Mistake? The way to avoid this Mistake is simple – measure your marketing! What should you measure? The answer is everything! Any marketing that you do needs to be measured. There will be more on our blog about how else to measure your marketing and avoiding this Massive Marketing Mistake.

Do You Want to Avoid All the Massive Marketing Mistakes?

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