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GIGANTE SOUND'S 2013 REPORT!! At the beginning of this year we outlined a few projects that we would be bringing your way. After a few emails, inquiring as to where these projects materialized, we can now tell you that they didn't.. none of them did! But why, you ask? Were we hard at work, catching up on Breaking Bad and sipping latte's listening to This American Life. Well, yes on 1 and no on 2. We were doing stuff! In fact it was one of the most successful years we've had, just not on Gigante Sound! haha More on that later but for now, what does the future hold for Gigante Sound? Well, more or less, exactly what we wrote to you last year accept now it is a reality! Read on...

Vulcanus 68 split-vinyl LP with Thomas Carnacki

What was to be a 7 inch ep has now grown 5 inches! The release we are most excited about is our first venture into vinyl! In February we will be teaming up with Alethiometer Records to co-release a split Vulcanus 68 LP with Thomas Carnacki. Featuring original full color cover art from M.S. Waldron (above), on heavyweight multi-colored vinyl and mastered by the master, Myles Boisen of Headless Buddha. It is an extremely complimentary release. Thomas Carnacki explode microscopic scrapings of earth materials into crackling soundscapes interspersed with instruments and field recordings from the Antarctic. On the flip side, Vulcanus 68 take their inspiration from the early pioneeers and outsiders: Ruth White, Matsuo Ohno, and Pierre Schaeffer to name just a few and delve into their concrete roots before setting sail with the solar winds at their backs. Sounds to come!

Blanketship's final voyage?

In what may be his final voyage, Blanketship brings you the follow up to his 2012 release, Pleated Shorts; a new set of old favorites entitled, Unfortunate Jeans! Look for this set of gems sometime in early 2014. Check out this video for the track Trancefer:


T H E M A Y S take to the skies!

Looking to release this...some time this year! As we wrote in Ferbruary: "A brand new sound extravaganza from T H E M A Y S, AIRSPACE! This time around, the intrpeid crew of producers have given themselves the limitations of the wind. Aleatoric/chance music inspired by John Cage with all sounds generated by wind and air! Then all of that has been chopped up and re-processed into a breathing compressed landscape with scraps of melodies floating on top of wheezing gases, recurring,'s really pretty great!"

We have a very special release planned for this one. We want to sit on it for a bit but it will involve balloons, hand crafted packaging (above) and sounds dropping from the heavens. There will also be a compliment of remixes by local and not-so-local tunesmiths to go with it so keep your eye on the skies.

Also on the horizon, Lord Tang has the first of a series of EPs coming out in the Spring of 2014. It will be a digital release with Gigante in the US and vinyl in Europe through Alarm. He continues on from his 2012 self-titled debut with a more melodic, dubbed out affair. 

Borful Tang has a new record in the mastering phase that will see the light of day in March.Covering the usual topics: Chinese propaganda, dwarf cities, Jesus, interrogation, telepathy and James Bond! Whoop!


So what were we doing?

In the months leading up to July, Jared and Dominic were working up a lot of new material with Bill Gould of that little known entity, Faith No More, for their Talking Book project! Dominic put together a backing film culled from an ancient Pan Am promotional video and they were off on on a very successful South American tour through Chile, Argentina and Brazil!! (left)

Does it sound like FNM? Nope, it sounds like this:

Dominic has been doing a lot of work collaborating with choreographer Leyya Tawil with his duo Tiberius (below with guitarist Ava Mendoza)
As well as composition:
Evangelista were also busy with some shows in the Bay Area, working up new material for a forthcoming record in 2014. Here is The Egg :
And last but most certainly not least, Mr. Jared Blum has just signed his 80's library/soundtrack "compilation" project, Vision Heat, to Root Strata records!! Look for two albums by him next year.

You can get a taste right here! :
We'll see you in 2014...really....we promise!

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