Sydney Rangers Football Club Weekly Roundup

Winter Competition

The first round of Winter Comp 2014 kicks off this weekend. We ask everyone to check out the dates, grounds and times and actively promote to your friends to encourage supporter attendance.

Rangers A graded AA/5B Balmain DFC B as there are 3 Balmain teams in AA/5 comp.
Rangers B graded AA/10A Balmain DFC A as there are 2 Balmain teams in AA/10 comp.
Rangers 35s graded O35/7 Balmain DFC.

In the event of wet weather on training night or match day, information can be found by visiting our facebook page.

All teams are using Facebook to show the ground, time and date. Check out the Rangers Facebook page to keep up with the weekend preview and results for all teams.


Winter Competition Change to Rules - Red Cards!

All players need to be aware this season sees the enforcement of $50 fines to individual players for being red carded. In the past Balmain has always paid red card fines but after $5000 worth of fines last year, this season the offending player will need to pay the fine. A red card means not only will you need to sit out the penalised number of games, but you will also forfeit your playing card until your fine of $50 is paid. This means if you don't pay, you won't be able to play. Further information can be gained through the committee if you have any questions.

Wednesday Night Training

Wednesday night training is at Birchgrove Park between 7-9pm every Wednesday Night. All winter competition players are expected to attend. If for whatever reason you cannot make it, you must brief your coach.

In the event of wet weather, training will still go ahead at an alternate city-based venue so please always pack your joggers. You can expect a post via Facebook no later that 4pm to advise if Birchgrove Oval is open to train. If the ground is closed, the club will conduct a fitness program to be advised on Facebook.


Sunday Social - New Time 3pm

Social Soccer is on this week, and will start at the new time of 3.00pm to account for the earlier nights as we move into winter.

We are at McKay Field this week as there is a Sydney FC match on at the SFS.  A map of the ground can be found here.

Please bring a white shirt and a dark shirt so the teams can be balanced in number and standard to make it a fun afternoon for everyone. Don't forget water and sunscreen.

Check our Facebook and email for updates prior to 1pm in case of any weather or other changes needed. Most of all have Fun!!


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Winter Competition Draw (subject to change)

Rangers A
5 Apr (15:00) - Wentworth Park 4 vs Balmain A
12 Apr (13:15) - Birchgrove Oval 2 vs Leichardt Tigers
13 Apr (14:30) - Henley Park 3 vs Enfield

Rangers B
5 Apr (13:15) - Birchgrove 2 vs Belmore Eagles
12 Apr (13:15) - Henley Park 1 vs Enfield

Rangers Over 35
5 Apr (13:15) - Glover St 1 vs Hurlstone Park A
12 Apr (13:15) - Brichgrove 1 vs Hurlstone Park B

Fundraising Opportunities

Upcoming Fundraising events requiring volunteers:

1. Friday 18 April - IRH (I Remember House) featuring Deborah Cox - Good Friday @ The Ivy, midday - 10pm. Please contact Mark Robinson.

2. Saturday 19 April - Diva Fever featuring Deborah Cox - Easter Saturday @ The Hi-Fi Fox Studios, 5pm-12pm. Please contact Mark Robinson.

3. Thursday 24 April - Honey 2nd Birthday Celebration - Anzac Day Eve @ Miind nightclub, 9pm-late. Please contact Joseph Roppolo.

Merchandise For Sale

Bags are $35 each
Shirts are $40 each in sizes S-XXL
Jerseys will not be ordered at the moment as we reconsider the current design.

Please order through Paul
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