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Dear friends,
Don’t turn away. Join us! Bear witness at our weekly vigils.
(Please scroll down for vigil schedule.)
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The Animal Save Movement is growing around the world!
We have 917 chapters in three branches:
Animal Save:   701 groups in 71 countries
Climate Save:  188 groups in 48 countries
Health Save:    29 groups in 11 countries

Thank you for supporting Toronto Pig Save!

Wake Up World: Holiday Edition is every December where we ask individuals to ask non vegan friends and family to come to a vigil and sign up for Veganuary: This is a time of the year to get together as families. Let us not destroy other families, but instead encourage as many as possible to go vegan and get active. 


Please sign and share our petition, which has about 21,000 signatures: Stop Ontario's Ag Gag Law
The petition has already had some great news coverage: 
In his article,
 New bill aims to hide animal abuse on farms, Thomas Walkom wrote in the Toronto Star, “"Emboldened by the success of ag-gag laws, two U.S. states — North Carolina and Arkansas — have moved to curb whistle blowers in other, non-animal, private businesses, such as nursing homes." And this is a powerful op-ed by journalist Jessica Scott-Reid: Ag-Gag Laws Keep Animal Farming in the Dark and Diminish Public Trust
For the full petition update, go here.
Watch this video for more in-depth information about Bill 156: "This is not what democracy looks like."

Please watch this year-end review of the Toronto Save groups and the whole Toronto activist community. Thank you to everyone who has helped this year in the fight to end animal exploitation and raise public awareness of the appalling treatment of animals. It is crucial that we support each other's activism.
Regardless of where we come from, what age we are, what gender we identify with and whom we choose to love; no matter who we are, only together and in solidarity will we achieve animal liberation.

Toronto Pig Save held our monthly Sunday vigil on December 22. Please watch.
Wear a great message and look good! Visit our store at
Veganuary is great for anyone to get started.
Weekly vigils and outreach with Toronto-area Saves
Toronto Pig Save has a firm commitment to hold at least three vigils per week for pigs, cows and chickens. Everyone is welcome. The more people attending, the greater the impact. Vigils may be traumatic, but they are also an empowering experience.
Tuesday, December 24, 9:30 am - 12 pm:  Toronto Cow Save weekly vigil for the Cows and Lambs at St. Helen’s 'Meat' Packers slaughter plant at 1 Glen Scarlett Road
RSVP: event page

Thursday, December 26, 7:30 – 9:30 am: Toronto Pig Save Weekly Vigil for the Pigs at Fearmans "Pork"
RSVP: event page

Sunday, January 19, 9 - 11 am: Toronto Pig Save Sunday Vigil for the Pigs at Fearmans "Pork"
RSVP: event page

Leo Tolstoy defines the duty to bear witness as: "When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one, but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to him who suffers, and try to help him."
(from A Calendar of Wisdom)

For more information or to help and volunteer, please contact
Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & Vimeo.
The Climate Save Movement is building a grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis by ending animal agriculture, reforesting the Earth and phasing out fossil fuels. Help save the planet by going vegan and promoting vegan #FoodSystemChangeNow! The climate crisis is upon us. We must rise up to mitigate and reverse it.
Please welcome our new Climate Save chapters:

Latin America
Arequipa Climate Save (Peru). Find them on Facebook.

Here the Animal Save Tours team meets with Arequipa activists on November 18 during the Save Latino Tour. 

Ubaté Climate Save (Colombia). Find them on Facebook.They join their fellow Climate Save groups in Bogota and Medellin as well as 14 Animal Save groups in the country. 
The Amazon is burning. Please help by signing our petition. Let's get to 200,000 signatures!
Stop Bolsonaro from destroying the Amazon!

Take Action!! Start your own Climate Save group! Visit or email us at to get started.
Health Save Movement aims to show how veganism can prevent and reverse diseases related to animal products consumption, enhance food justice, and decrease spending on the health crisis.

Health Save Uruguay report from their Health streets events on December 11: "We had our penultimate Health Streets event of the year and created a dish full of love and flavors that was the protagonist of the night. 😋 👉 Sautéed sweet peppers, falafel, breaded zucchini, brown rice and fresh salad. Doesn't your mouth water? We enjoy doing this every week. It fills our hearts that people who come enjoy with us also receive us with such gratitude and good vibes."

Ditch Dairy SAVE Lives aims to encourage Save groups (existing and new) to hold vigils outside of dairy farms or factories incorporating outreach. Groups can also do outreach outside of establishments retailing large amounts of dairy products.
The Independent: Supporting the dairy industry inflicts more pain on cows than you know. And yes, that includes drinking their milk
"Does it really hurt a cow to be milked? Increasingly, the answer is yes. As a series of exposes bring the cruelty of the dairy industry to the public’s attention, more and more of us are realising milk farms are not only as cruel as meat –actually they’re far worse."


The Animal Save Argentina Tour rescued a piglet! They report: "We are very happy to introduce Juani, a pig we were able to rescue during an activity with a Save group in Argentina. Juani will live the rest of his life in freedom, as all animals deserve."



If you would like to bear witness but don't have Save vigils near you, consider starting a group.  Email us at
Mumbai Animal Save took to the streets to reach out and share the animals' story with the public.
Seoul Animal Save bore witness to the pigs on December 17. Please watch as they get a moment of love before their unjust deaths. 
Please watch: Melbourne Chicken Save held a vigil at La Ionica slaughter plant on December 20. 
Auckland Animal Save held their Wake Up World 2019 vigil on December 22. They did outreach and chalking.
Munich Animal Save joined Buchloe Cow Save for a vigil at the VION slaughter plant on December 20. They report: "Shortly before Christmas we have witnessed the fate of this beautiful young cow. Her life was taken from her at a very young age because an inflammation of her udders turned her into no value for the dairy industry. Please look into her eyes and ask yourself if she deserved the violence that she was forced to face just a few moments after."
Thessaloniki Animal Save bore witness to cows and pigs arriving at the slaughter plant on December 17. Please watch. 
Salerno Animal Save held a vigil on December 18 at which they bore witness to these sheep and goat. Please watch.

The vigil received great news coverage by Salerno Today: Atena Lucana: gli animalisti "salutano" gli animali destinati al macello
Riga Animal Save bore witness to the pigs on December 17. 
The vigil was covered on the front page of the regional newspaper! 

Dénia Animal Save organized the Antispeciesist March on December 14. 
Huge thanks to South Wales Animal Save for repping Animal Save Movement at the Welsh Vegan Festival on the weekend of December 8! 

Stoke Animal Save protested outside their local McDonalds last weekend. They report: "'Today's protest outside of McDonalds was a success. We shared informative leaflets with many public members and have managed to have some good conversations with some of them."
The Animal Save Argentina Tour is already having great results.

Welcome La Rioja Animal Save in northwest Argentina. Find them on Facebook and Instagram
Activists report from their first vigil on December 20: "We could not see trucks, nor enter the pens: the killing began very early and there were no survivors left. We could only see their skins stacked on a truck. We will continue here, resisting. Our fight is just beginning."
Please watch: Ica Animal Save asks "Can you look them in the eye and tell them that your palate matters more than their suffering?
Welcome Canelones Animal Save. Find them on Facebook and Instagram

They held their first vigil on December 13. They report: "in front of our eyes passed approximately 1,480 lambs. They traveled long distances, not knowing where they were going but with their end predetermined. They were sentient and innocent beings condemned to die to satisfy human pleasure. Today we bore witness to the departure of animals who did not want or deserve to die. Join the vigils."
Mérida MX Animal Save report from their December 21 vigil at the municipal slaughter plant: "We went to say goodbye to the animals that arrive there to be killed; we had access to a truck where we gave water to the pigs. We also took advantage of being on an avenue to show messages so that people take action and know what to do to stop animal exploitation. In the end, a family stopped to thank us for the activism we did, being a voice for animals."
Please watch and share: TFIL Films released Act of Mercy: The Truth About Your Meat, a documentary about the Animal Save vigils held by Animal Alliance Network and Los Angeles Animal Save outside Farmer John slaughter plant in Vernon, California. 
The USDA Is Gutting Pig Slaughterhouse Rules. These Groups Are Fighting Back
This article by Sentient Media explains how eight different animal protection and conservation groups filed suit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), challenging its decision to reduce oversight at pig slaughterhouses. Among the eight groups is North Carolina Farmed Animal Save
Newberry Dairy Cow Save bore witness at a dairy farm on December 14. They saw many babies who were cruelly and unnecessarily separated from their mothers. They report: "Today’s vigil was awesome. We had a great conversation with the farmer who is showing interest in switching to plant-based alternatives in the future."

Why not try vegan and help stop the suffering? Click here for 22 days of free support with Challenge22:

Thank you for supporting Toronto Pig Save!

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