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Coronavirus Confinement Challenge

The Animal Save Movement launched a Coronavirus confinement challenge last Friday, April 3 and it will run for the duration of the lockdown. Would you consider taking this challenge? 

Join the hundreds of activists across 6 continents who have taken the challenge!

We'd love your help in getting the word out on this empathetic "distance activism" during the confinement. Click the button below to watch an explanatory live stream about how to participate. 
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How to participate:

  1. Decide which cage/crate you want to use
  2. Measure & create a living space for any farmed animal in your own home
  3. Choose how long you will stay confined
  4. Share your experience on social media
  5. Tag Animal Save Movement & 3 friends to take the challenge
  6. Use #CoronavirusConfinementChallenge & #SwitchToPlantBased

"We can't possibly know how non human animals feel spending their entire lives in confinement and captivity.⠀⠀
But we can try to experience what they go through.⁠⠀⠀
We are using this opportunity to learn, educate, empathize and understand.⁠"

The Challenge around the world.

Since the challenged launched on Friday, April 3rd, hundreds of people have taken the challenge...across 6 continents. 

Please scroll down to see how some people took the challenge. 

Ankara, Turkey

Nilgün Engin from the Ankara Animal Save took the challenge. Will you?

Right now, much of the world is under lockdown and must stay inside.

We want to take this opportunity to understand what the non-human animals in the agriculture, clothing, entertainment and lab testing industries go through.⁠⠀⠀ 

Melbourne, Australia

Helen with the Melbourne Chicken Save took the challenge. Will you?

"I chose to represent chickens, the most abused and exploited land mammals on the planet.

My space was equal to the amount that chickens bred for meat and eggs have (which is about the size of an A4 piece of paper).?


"Could you imagine living like this your entire life?

We can't even begin to understand how it must be and feel to be them and how their life must be like.

We know that we wouldn't want to switch places with them..."


Activists with the Cancun Fish Save took the challenge.

Will you?

"If you think you are confined, please take this challenge just for an hour to feel what confinement for millions really is..."

Rajkot City, India 

"Animals in the meat, eggs and dairy industries go through each one of these injustices every single day. If you still can’t see how they are all linked, how they apply to all contexts the same and how you may be standing against it in one respect while supporting it in another, then I repeat - it must be consistent otherwise what does it even mean?" -Stutii

Perugia, Italy

Activists with the Perugia Animal Save took the challenge. Will you?

"Choose the space you want to replicate. It could be a gestation crate, a birdcage, a fishing net, a battery cage, it's up to you. Then see how long you can stand to be confined."

Montana, USA

Miss Montana 2020, Merissa Underwood took the challenge.

Will you?

"I chose to emulate what it would feel like to be a mama pig in a gestation crate, never able to turn around or walk even two steps forward.

"When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one, but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to him who suffers, and try to help him." —Leo Tolstoy

The challenge in Bollywood & Hollywood.

Sadjha Sayed is an Indian actress and a great example of just how diverse the Animal Rights Movement is in India.⁠ She is an ethical vegan and speaks up very strongly for the animals. ⁠⠀⠀

Hollywood actress Nina Bergman went to the old LA zoo and spent all day inside their cages feeling what these innocent animals were feeling.

Take Action NOW!

Tell health officials to shut down filthy New York City live-animal markets. 

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) started in a live-animal market in China and is spreading rapidly in the U.S., where live-animal markets are caging and killing animals while putting public health at risk.
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Join the Climate Save Movement 

The Climate Save Movement is building a grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis by ending animal agriculture, reforesting the Earth and phasing out fossil fuels. 

We need to take drastic and immediate action. 

Join the Health Save Movement

The Health Save Movement aims to show how veganism can prevent and reverse diseases related to animal product consumption, enhance food justice, and decrease spending on the health crisis.

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Will you take the challenge?

  1. Decide which cage/crate you want to use
  2. Measure & create a living space for any farmed animal in your own home
  3. Choose how long you will stay confined
  4. Share your experience on social media
  5. Tag Animal Save Movement & 3 friends to take the challenge
  6. Use #CoronavirusConfinementChallenge & #SwitchToPlantBased
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Animal Save Movement
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