Special Toronto Pig Save update !

Oscar-winner Joaquin Phoenix joined the family and friends of fallen activist Regan Russell at a Toronto Pig Save vigil yesterday, November 20th.

Joaquin, who was wearing an LA Animal Save hoodie, bore witness and appeared to be moved to see the pigs crammed in the trucks and their sad eyes. He offered comfort to Regan’s husband Mark Powell.

Joaquin said, "I’m here to honour Regan Russell and all the animal activists who dedicate their lives to ending this injustice."

Joshua Powell, Regan’s stepson said, “We were stricken by his humble, courteous nature and really appreciated the moments we had to talk with him and share stories about Regan.”

Activist Jenny McQueen said, "We are extremely honored to have Joaquin Phoenix join us at a vigil." Regan was an activist who was violently killed while trying to expose what Bill 156 will hide.

Please visit to take action against Ontario ag-gag Bill 156 and check out a video from his visit below and some photos from the vigil.



Joaquin Phoenix at Fearmans slaughterhouse in Burlington 

If you haven't had a chance to watch There Was a Killing, Shaun Monson's new film which tells the story of Regan Russell, a decades-long pioneer in Canadian animal rights activism, you can watch the full movie below.

Also, if you click on the tab, it will take you straight to the Q&A after the movie with director Shaun Monson, PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk, LA Animal Save founder Amy Jean Davis, lawyers Robert Monson and Lisa Bloom, facilitated by Varun Virlan.
There Was A Killing - Q & A

Joaquin was presented with a 2021 calendar by Toronto Pig Save, featuring pictures of Regan Russell and memorial events held in her honor.

You can grab a copy for yourself from our Shopify store. There are two variants, one featuring dates that are specific to Ontario/Canada and one that is global.

Please note that the calendars are not yet ready for shipping (but will be very soon!)  Please check out the TPS shopify site to order using button below.

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