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Besides our worldwide weekly highlights, we would like to invite you to our first-ever online film festival! We also have a new series on our YouTube channel that we would love for you to check out.

Animal Save Movement is growing around the world!
We have 810 chapters in three branches:

Animal Save: 599 groups in 73 countries
Climate Save: 163 groups in 50 countries
Health Save: 48 groups in 18 countries

Actions Around the World

Atlanta Animal Save's activists bore witness to chickens. This is the very first time that trucks stopped and
activists got a chance to show these innocent beings love and compassion in their last moments.
Animal Save Italia organized an exclusive protest at Formula 1 in Monza, near Milan, demanding F1 reject Sofina Foods blood money. Sofina owns Fearmans slaughterhouse where peaceful protester Regan Russell was killed by a pig transport truck during a vigil.
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Animal Save India, along with many other Animal Save chapters around the world, participated in World Chalking Day.

This event aims to cover the world with colours and messages to raise awareness about non-human animals rights.

Camille Labchuck, executive director for Animal Justice, called the new provisions "unconstitutional" and that it directly targets the animal rights movement by preventing people from exposing the suffering of animals.

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Activists at the vigil said they were there to expose injustice toward animals, tell the truth about animal exploitation and cruelty and demand the repeal of Bill 156.

They also paid tribute to animal rights activist Regan Russell, who was struck and killed on June 19 by a transport truck that was hauling pigs through the gates of Fearmans.

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Must Watch Films & Videos!

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Join us for our first-ever Diversity Film Festival from September 7th to 13th, as we stream films that showcase the struggles of marginalised individuals, their resistance to systemic oppression and injustices, and their fight in creating a world where every individual experiences freedom, respect, and consideration.
The films will be streamed on Zoom followed by a 30-min discussion round where we will explore ways to inculcate what we learn into our activism to make it more effective.
Imagine what it's like to live confined all your life in a space so small that when they open the door you don't even know how to try to get out because that option never existed in your consciousness?

With this new original series, we aim to highlight the unique personalities of rescued animals who are otherwise seen as commodities in our society, which hopefully will help humans connect with them!
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