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August 21, 2019

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The Save Movement is growing around the world!
We have 900 chapters in three branches:
Animal Save:   686 groups in 70 countries
Climate Save:  169 groups in 46 countries
Health Save:    45 groups in 28 countries


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Our Weekly News Update
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Stop Bolsonaro from destroying the Amazon!

The Toronto Star's Thomas Walkom covers The Save Movement's new commitment to momentum organizing including escalating tactics, such as blockades, hunger strikes and home demos of slaughterhouse executives: Animal rights advocates take a page from environmentalists’ playbook. The Animal and Climate Save Movements are basing their new approach on Extinction Rebellion tactics and the book This is an Uprising -- a must read book on the tools on how to achieve success the soonest possible.

Help Us Bring BeFairBeVegan to Toronto!
A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Large or small, every dollar counts. On behalf of the animals, thank you so much, your support is greatly appreciated! We are at the 41% mark of our campaign goal and we really need your help to hit $25,000 or 50% of our target.
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The Save Movement in the Media
Organizers for Durango Animal Save, Durango Climate Save and Durango Health Save were interviewed by a local radio station about The Save Movement's work.
Local newspaper Diário de Aveiro published an article about Aveiro Animal Save and their events.
Almost 50 people attended the vigil organized by New Haven Animal Save, Western MA Animal Save and Connecticut Animal Liberation Front to honour Courage, the escaped calf killed in a Home Depot parking lot by slaughter plant employees. The Hartford Courant newspaper covered the vigil: Vigil, protest held for cow killed in Bloomfield Home Depot parking lot

Our mission: The Climate Save Movement is a worldwide network of climate action groups aiming to end animal agriculture and transition to a just and vegan, plant-based food system, reforest the Earth and phase out fossil fuels to address the climate emergency.
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Please welcome our new Climate Save chapters from around the world:
Climate Save Ingolstadt (Germany). Find them on Facebook.
Nederweert Climate Save (Netherlands).
Find them on Facebook.
North America

Manitoba Climate Save (Canada). Find them on Facebook.

9/9 Don't Eat The Amazon
Please join us on 9/9 (September 9) to raise awareness and demand global action in response to the increasing destruction happening to the Amazon. The Brazilian government in conjunction with animal feed companies is turning the Amazon rainforests into meat burgers. Global actions will take place with marches and protests to Brazilian Embassies, fast food restaurants, chalking in public spaces, meditation circles and candle-light vigils. If you'd like to join in, look for your local Climate Save group or if you don't have one, contact us about joining.
RSVP: event page
What would you be willing to do to protect your home? Indigenous protesters in Brazil invaded a government office to take a stand against the policies of far-right President Bolsonaro.
Amazon Watch Statement on Forest Fires in the Brazilian Amazon
"The unprecedented fires ravaging the Amazon are an international tragedy and a dangerous contribution to climate chaos. This devastation is directly related to President Bolsonaro's anti-environmental rhetoric, which erroneously frames forest protections and human rights as impediments to Brazil's economic growth.
Farmers and ranchers understand the president's message as a license to commit arson with wanton impunity, in order to aggressively expand their operations into the rainforest." Read more here. Feeling Sad About the Amazon Fires? Stop Eating Meat - The growing demand for meat around the world is directly linked to the Amazon fires.
The Guardian: Revealed: rampant deforestation of Amazon driven by global greed for meat
Global News: "...cattle farmers start fires deliberately to clear forest to make way for ranching, and it’s not always legal.” Animal agriculture is A LEADING cause of the climate crisis. Go vegan now to help save the planet:
Take Action!! Start your own Climate Save group! Visit or email us at to get started.
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Health Save Movement

Health Save Movement aims to show how veganism can prevent and reverse diseases related to animal products consumption, enhance food justice, and decrease spending on the health crisis.
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Please welcome our new Health Save chapters from around the world:
Delhi Health Save (India).
Find them on Facebook.
Kolkata Health Save (India).
Find them on Facebook.
Leicestershire Health Save (UK).
Find them on Facebook.
North America
Knoxville Health Save (USA). Find them on Facebook.
Non-vegan recommends vegan food after Health Save intervention: Testimonials from our Health Save Street campaign in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Creating a healthy society through healthy vegan food: 96 meals were given to slaughterhouse workers and truck drivers made of whole grain tortilla wrap, lettuce, brown rice, quinoa, corn, black beans, onions, cumin and chilli powder. Fresh tomato salsa, cashew cream jalapeño sauce and a side of fruits! Amazing job by Augusta GA Animal Save and Augusta GA Health Save. 6 Science-Based Health Benefits of Eating Vegan
1. A Vegan Diet Is Richer in Certain Nutrients
2. It Can Help You Lose Excess Weight
3. It Appears to Lower Blood Sugar Levels and Improve Kidney Function
4. A Vegan Diet May Protect Against Certain Cancers
5. It's Linked to a Lower Risk of Heart Disease
6. A Vegan Diet Can Reduce Pain from Arthritis
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Bearing Witness Around the World

If you would like to bear witness but don't have Save vigils near you, consider starting a group. Email us at or check out for info on how to get started! We will help you every step of the way.
Goa Animal Save report from their visit to a dairy farm on July 28: "We bore witness to their perpetual enslavement in their own filth. Mothers are tied far away from their babies. There is no shelter from rain or sun. Food is fed to them over their secretions. Tied to posts 24/7. Raped and exploited for their milk. Animals going through helplessness, misery, grief and torture. This is funded by us. This is Dairy."
Watch: Pune Animal Save bore witness at a small dairy where cows and goats are exploited.
Israel Against Live Shipments report from their recent vigils: "Animals in live shipments suffer greatly. A team from a European animal welfare group and our team checked several trucks with animals on their way to be loaded onto a ship bound for Israel, a 1700-kilometre trip, 29 hours on trucks. Here's the result. You cannot ignore the injustice they are going through."
Welcome Tokyo Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.
Welcome Toyohashi Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.
Please watch Kuala Lumpur Animal Save's video from their recent vigil for the chickens.

Welcome Incheon Animal Save. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.
On their first vigil on August 13 they bore witness to imprisoned fish about to be killed at a market. Please watch.
Seoul Animal Save bore witness to pigs and cows at the slaughter plant on August 20. Please watch.
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Please watch: Melbourne Cow Save & Melbourne Fish Save held a slaughterhouse vigil on August 4.
Brisbane Animal Save bore witness to chickens on August 9 at the Inghams slaughter plant in Murarrie.
Welcome Prague Horse Save. Find them on Facebook.
Mirovice Duck Save report from their August 20 vigil: "Footage from yesterday of aggressive employees at the slaughterhouse in Mirovice (Vodňanská "poultry"). Each day around 25,000 lives are taken here (ducks, chickens). They clearly don't want the world to see the stories of animals whose lives ended in these slaughterhouses."
Welcome Toulouse Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.
Paris Animal Save report from Portugal: "We went with Lisbon Animal Save to a slaughterhouse. What we saw shattered our hearts into pieces." Please watch.
Buchloe/LL Animal Save held a 5-hour vigil on August 16. Please watch.
One of the drivers allowed activists to enter the transport and see the animals up close.
Please watch and share: Setubal Animal Save - Stop Live Exports exposes the scale and horror of the live export industry.
Maribor Animal Save held a vigil on August 5. The local TV news was there to report.
Spain has the biggest slaughterhouse in Europe. Join The Save Movement on a 5-day vigil, August 26-30, concluding with the Animal Rights March in Barcelona.
Welcome Neuchâtel Animal Save. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.
They report from their first vigil on August 11: "Yesterday we bore witness to these 6 month-old babies." Please watch.
Please watch: Boxtel Pig Save gives the pigs love and water at their August 5 vigil outside the Vion Boxtel slaughter plant.
Welcome Clitheroe Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.

Cheshire East Animal Save report from their vigil at Highbury Poultry: "We bore witness to 75,000 six-week-old chickens going to slaughter. Many were distressed by the heat and were seen panting and gasping for air 💔 Be vegan and stop their suffering 💚"

Hertfordshire Chicken Save was joined by Save activists from the USA on their August 16 vigil: "Today we were joined by our friends from Los Angeles Animal Savein bearing witness to tens of thousands of baby chickens arriving to their deaths. We stopped four out of six trucks (due to some reckless driving) and spent time with the babies. Each truck was loaded with up to 9,000 baby chickens - roughly crammed into crates piled deep and high."

Essex Pig Save's 5 days of vigils from August 19 - 23 saw them outside a number of abattoirs bearing witness to many animals about to be killed. Their message is: "It doesn’t have to be this way. Extend your circle of compassion to ALL animals. Stop paying for cruelty and live Vegan."
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Zona Norte Animal Save's vigil at the Pacheco slaughter plant received coverage by TV show "Animales Sueltos". Please watch.
Bogota Animal Save held a vigil on August 10. They report: ""We witnessed the arrival of approximately 6 trucks full of animals, including pigs, bulls and cows, among which one arrived dead and another dying. These are animals whom surely we with our hands would never be able to harm, but that culturally we have been made to believe that they are only things to exploit."
Save Movement Costa Rica took part in the Animal Rights March through the streets of San Jose on August 17.
Guayaquil Animal Save bore witness to hens exploited for their eggs. Please watch.
This video by Lima Animal Save shows cows on the transport truck being tortured with an electric prod for no apparent reason. The cows bellow in pain. In another video, activists ask the torturer to stop.
Montevideo Animal Save is in the news. This report by the AFP news agency includes an interview with them and great information about their work: The struggle of vegans in Uruguay, the country with the most cows per capita in the world

Dear friends,

Don’t turn away. Join us! Bear witness at our weekly vigils.
The Animal Liberation Toronto Conference 2019
The Animal Liberation Toronto Conference took place on August 16 - 19. For the first time ever, hundreds of animal rights supporters and activists mobilized in and around Toronto for training, community building, and bold actions for animals and the planet.
Please go to the Liberation T.O. Facebook page and watch videos of the amazing talks and workshops, such as this talk by Roger Hallam where he describes the perspective and tactics of Extinction Rebellion on how to achieve meaningful change by working together.

Saturday August 17: the big march, a big demo at the CNE
The Animal Rights March Toronto 2019
Hundreds of activists end the march by walking into the Canadian National Exhibition grounds and holding a protest at the building that houses the animal agriculture display, where live animals are shown as products.
Sunday August 18: Vigil, die-in, a visit to Fearmans CEO, anti-fur action

Activists joined Toronto Pig Save's vigil outside Fearmans slaughter plant, followed by a die-in and street blockade.

Pigs' sounds, 200+ activists, and grim reaper haunting palatial home of Fearmans slaughterhouse CEO.
BlogTO: Anti-fur protestors trigger Eaton Centre mall lockdown

Monday August 19: Slaughterhouse lockdown: activists shut down Maple Leaf "Foods"
BlogTO: Activists rescue chickens from Maple Leaf "Foods" slaughterhouse in Toronto
Condition One video: See how the lockdown was carried out.

Jessica Scott-Reid, a Canadian writer and animal advocate, summarized the Conference and all the actions for animals very well in this Toronto Star column: If animal rights activists disturbed your weekend, they succeeded
Vancouver Chicken Save activist Frank Metivier asks the right questions: "If slaughterhouses are OK, why aren’t we allowed in to take photos? If slaughterhouses are OK, why they never advertise what they are doing in there?"
KW Animal Save report from their August 14 vigil: "We met these pigs during our vigil yesterday. By now they will all have been killed. Please join us for our next vigil, everyone is welcome."
Help Us Bring BeFairBeVegan to Toronto!
A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Large or small, every dollar counts. On behalf of the animals, thank you so much, your support is greatly appreciated! We are at the 42% mark of our campaign goal and we really need your help to hit $25,000 or 50% of our target.
Veganuary is great for anyone to get started.
Wear and post your activism
Wear a great message and look good! Visit our store at
Welcome Tepic Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.

Guadalajara Animal Save bore witness to cows arriving to be killed at the municipal slaughter plant on August 3.
The Save Organizing Tour of Mexico continues with great success. Please watch: the first vigil with the new Morelia Animal Save.
Welcome Lincoln Animal Save. Find them on Facebook.
They joined Des Moines Animal Save for their August 6 vigil at Pine Ridge Farms, where they gave water to the thirsty pigs.

As seen at Los Angeles Animal Save's vigil, these are the faces of sorrow caused by injustice at the hands of animal agriculture.
Newark Animal Save held a vigil on August 10 at American Halal Meat.



Northern Colorado Animal Save bore witness at the JBS slaughterhouse on August 12. Please watch.
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Veganuary is great for anyone to get started.
Why not try vegan and help stop the suffering? Click here for 22 days of free support with Challenge22:



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