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The animal rights movement embodies justice and compassion for all. Our circle of compassion must expand to include all sentient life, and it is thus our moral duty to stand in solidarity with other social movements. 
Coalition building can be key to achieving total and collective liberation. A strong movement depends on strong individuals, and as such, empowering others will empower our movement. 
For far too long have we experienced and witnessed racial injustice in our society. Systemic racism affects us in all areas of life and it is not an easy undertaking to eradicate these oppressive structures. 

It is therefore up to all of us to build a world that is built on values of justice, equality, and respect. 
In honor of Geroge Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the entire Black community fighting for injustice, we would like to invite everyone to support the Black Lives Matter movement and urge others to do so as well. 


"Change yourself, change the world."

  1. Learn about racial discrimination and oppression. Listen to the experiences of those on the receiving end and examine your privilege. 
  2. Leverage your privilege and use it to build an equal and compassionate world.
  3. Read, follow, and share the work of Black authors and activists.
  4. Make room for their outstanding work within animal rights and amplify their voices. 
  5. Make way for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) to take on positions of leadership

"Educate to liberate."

  1. Watch (Netflix):
  2. Read: 
  3. Follow:
  4. More Resources:

"No one has ever become poor by giving."

  1. Donate to organizations such as:
"There is a connection between the way we treat animals and the way we treat people who are at the bottom of the hierarchy."

Angela Davis 
Vegan, Civil Rights Activist, Feminist, Philosopher

Thank you for supporting Black Lives Matter & Animal Save Movement.
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