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Dear <<First Name>>,

We hope this email finds you well. In this newsletter, read on to find out about important news and learning opportunities. If you have 2 minutes, you can read the What's On section, which summarises the key events. If you have 5 minutes, the More Details section will give you a detailed picture of VBCI's activities. For more information and interesting lessons, follow the VBCI Facebook page and Instagram. Enjoy! 

Prof. Colin Clark - Director, VBCI
Assoc. Prof. Weiliang Zhang - Chinese Coordinator, VBCI
What's On?

🖥️ Everyone enjoyed the Chinese Spring Festival workshop held on 9 February. Visit here for more information about upcoming workshops.

👩‍🏫 Free Chinese Language introductory workshop for VU students and staff members will be delivered from 9 March. Registration will close on 7 March. Register here. Visit here for more

🗂️ Applications for the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship 2022 are open. More information here.

👩‍🏫 VBCI
commenced Basic Chinese 1 and 2, and Business Chinese 1 units in February. Follow the VBCI Facebook page for future teaching schedules.

🗓️ The VBCI team is delighted to introduce the 2022 Chinese Cultural and Language workshops schedule. The schedule will help you be more proactive in joining our upcoming activities.

📢 The first HSK Test of 2022 will be conducted on 26 March. Follow the VBCI Facebook page for upcoming HSK test dates.
More Details

Chinese Spring Festival Workshop
The Chinese Spring Festival workshop was held on 9 February exploring the historical background of the Chinese New Year traditions, activities, as well as cultural icons. To develop an understanding of Chinese culture, the audience was engaged in some activities and cultural comparisons between CNY and Christmas - the two biggest festivals in Chinese and Western cultures.

Participants enjoyed the session and we look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events.


Free Chinese Language Workshop for VU Students and Staff

Have you ever wanted to learn Chinese? Now you can learn it for free if you are a VU student or staff member.

The course is delivered by VBCI to provide participants with an opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese and gain an overview of the language. These introductory workshops provide a great taster before you consider joining the non-award units such as Basic Chinese 1, 2 and 3 and Business Chinese 1, 2 and 3 and Chinese Business Language and Culture. Visit here for more information.

Application for the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship 2022

The International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarships are awarded annually to train qualified Chinese language teachers and promote Chinese culture more widely. It supports outstanding students, scholars and current employed Chinese language teachers recommended by Confucius Institutes, independently operated Confucius Classrooms as well as some HSK test centres to study in Chinese universities and colleges. Applications are now open and will close on:
  • 15 April, for the programmes commencing in July.
  • 15 May, for programmes commencing in September.
  • 15 September, for programmes commencing in December.
  • 15 November, for programmes commencing in March 2023.
Visit here or contact VBCI for more information.

2022 Chinese Language Units

In February, VBCI commenced Basic Chinese 1 and 2, and Business Chinese 1 units. The non-award units provide participants with a good opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese, focusing on developing communication skills (i.e., Chinese listening and speaking skills). In addition, basic Chinese characters and sentence structures are taught as well. Among the three units, Basic Chinese 1 and Basic Chinese 2 are designed for general Chinese language purposes, while the unit Business Chinese 1 is aimed at the Chinese language in business contexts. Enrolment in the units is free for VU students, staff and alumni.

Follow the VBCI Facebook page for future teaching schedules.
Future Chinese Cultural and Language Workshops

The VBCI team is delighted to introduce the 2022 Chinese Cultural and Language workshops schedule. The schedule will help you be more proactive in joining our upcoming activities. Also, these workshops are free.
2022 HSK Test Schedule

The first HSK Test of 2022 will be conducted on 26 March. Registration for future test dates will be published on the VBCI Facebook Page and Monthly Newsletter. Stay tuned!

The tests will be conducted in compliance with the Victoria University COVIDSafe protocol. If changed conditions occur, we may need to change arrangements.
Phrase of the Month

加油! 🔊

Jiā yóu!

It means “refuel”. On some occasions, we can also use it to express "cheer up, come on". Eg. We can use this word when we cheer for our favourite tennis player during the Australian Open season. You can repeat it several times to show your extreme support.
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Family Murmurings at the Chinese Museum

Come and explore Family Murmurings - an artistic collaboration bringing together works of art by Nancy Liang, inspired by the stories written by Ken Chan of growing up as an Australian Chinese in the 1950s and 1960s. The stories focus on the ups and downs of one community, concentrating on one extended family. Nancy’s artworks have been drawn together by Oliver Clifton into a virtual reality reel allowing viewers to step into the artworks. This is an exploration of memory and community and belonging. More details
What's Coming up Next?
ICH International Women's Day High Tea 2022 | ACBC Vic

The business chambers and business councils of International Chamber House warmly invite you to celebrate International Women’s Day 2022 at RACV Club in Melbourne with a truly eminent panel of speakers.

Join them to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women both in Australia and around the world at one of Melbourne’s largest International Women’s Day events. More details


Australia-China Decarbonisation Roundtable

The Australia China Business Council will host a hybrid roundtable organised by the Australian National University on the implications of decarbonisation for Australia and China.

This event will help identify future economic opportunities under fast developing policy settings in Australia and China. The starting point of the discussion will be China’s 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025), for which sectoral plans are currently being rolled out. A brief prepared by ANU will be provided before the event. More details
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