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Encounters on the Streets of Portland (poem)
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My Sources
    I'm always looking for interesting landscapes to paint. My brother-in-law David Cobb, a professional photographer, is very generous with his images and I've asked other friends, especially those travelling to locations I'll never reach, to share interesting landscape images with me.
     Facebook is becoming a good source as well. Friends post photos or share photos from others. If I like a particular photo, I connect with the photographer and ask permission to paint from it. The beautiful golden photo below was taken by Dan Pedersen on Whidbey Island north of Seattle. I  didn't know Dan, but a mutual friend had forwarded the photo, so I messaged Dan and got his permission to paint from the image.
    Starting with a gold-orange paper, I first tried to stay within the natural color scheme of yellows, blues, and grays. But the wonderful gradations and subtleties in Dan's photo of the light were not available to me in pastels, so I moved more towards purples and my own rendering of the feel of it. I'm very pleased with the result. Dan likes it too!
Encounters on the Streets of Portland

Two of my poems were recently published in the first issue of the Timberline Review, a new literary journal from the Willamette Writers Association. They came from a series. Here is one of them.
He’d paused to text
Or change his music
I was balancing groceries
And red tulips from the trunk
He looked up at last
And moved on
His look apologetic
Sorry, I’m always in someone’s way,
He said
No problem,
I replied
He was big and soft,
His cheeks ruddy
His hair dark and curly
Handsome in the goofy clothes of youth
And the words made no sense to me
Until he moved on down the sidewalk
With a clumsy gait
Something off in his hips
Have a good day
He called to me
You too, I said
And I carried my groceries and tulips inside
Wishing I could take from him
His resignation to being
The boy always in the way

From the West End of the Lake
(c) 2014  $225

     Some years back, I visited Stehekin, a small village on the west end of Lake Chelan, which is accessibly only by a 4-hour ferry that runs twice a day. We spent a lovely few days there and there were wonderful images to capture. The lake was low from a dry summer but the reflection of the sunrise was still glorious.


Broken Boys, the sequel to my thriller Fog of Dead Souls, is moving into the design phase, and I expect to publish it early next spring. If you haven't read Fog, now is a great time to do so.

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Josie expresses her opinion at a recent evening staff meeting.
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