Launching My Art Website
Three Small Metallic Paintings
Upcoming Workshops with Jill
Some Fun Creative Ideas

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Renaissance Boy (c) 2013 $125
While I was doing my art inventory, I came across a small folder of paintings I did with metallic paints. This is one of my favorites from that little series. I especially like the treatment of the hair.
What I Know
Launching My Art Website

      I've been painting for 16 years. I sold my first pieces more than 10 years ago. And while I kept painting whenever I could, I didn't really take myself seriously as an artist until I rented a studio in May of 2012. Somehow making that financial commitment to providing myself with a place where I could work whenever I wanted shifted my belief in myself as an artist.
      This week I am launching my first art website and online shop at I've had some of my art up on my editing and author sites for years, but when I read Alyson Stanfield's wonderful book on art marketing for the timid artist (I'd Rather Be in the Studio), I realized I needed both an inventory of my work (completed last month) and a real sales site. I needed to proclaim to the world that I was serious about making art. I created the site myself on Squarespace, a very cool host, and I'm really pleased with it.     
      I've included work in a variety of categories so you can see all the kinds of things I'm up to these days. All the pieces are originals and reasonably priced, Most come in standard sizes for easy framing.
      I hope you'll take a look at the website and think about how one of these pieces would look on your wall or as a gift for a child or grandchild who is just beginning their collection of original art. And of course if you're local to Portland, I'd be happy to deliver it to you.
     Lastly, I'm having an open house and art sale December 6 from 1 to 4 pm. See the Upcoming Events below for details. Hope to see you there and Happy Thanksgiving! 
Farm House (c) 2013 $125
This landscape was painted from a postcard a friend sent from the Cinque Terre region of Italy. I started with a gold metallic background and then layered on all these colors. These paintings are all small (9x12") because I wanted them to look and feel jewel-like.

Upcoming Events with Jill

Jill's Open House and Sale. Saturday December 6 1-4pm. Light refreshments, books, art, and art cards for sale; good conversation. Bring a friend! 1932 SE Ash, PDX 97214, 503-235-2019.

Setting Your Intentions for 2015. An interactive workshop at the Langley Library, Langley, WA (Whidbey Island), 10am to 1 pm Saturday December 27, 2014. No fee but registration required. Contact

Creating a Powerful Artist's Statement. An interactive workshop at the Pacific Northwest Art School, Coupeville, VA. January 3, 2015, 9-noon. For costs and to register:

Naples, FL. January 2015. I'll be co-leading workshops in writing and letting go of codependence with author Karen Casey. Contact me for more information.

Southern Oregon Chapter of Willamette Writers, June 6, 2015. I'll be leading a workshop on moving your book to completion. For more information:
 Veggies on a Platter (c) 2013 $75
 I gather images from all over. This one came from a box of discarded give-away materials in the studio of my good friend and creative buddy Bridget Benton. I like the combination of more abstract shapes (the carrots) and more realistic shapes (the beets).

Create Yourself

Some Fun Ideas for Writing
  • Pick one of these words—from, that, can, might—and write an 8-line poem where the end of each line rhymes with that word.
  • Pick a novel off your shelf and open to a page that has dialog. Pick any line of dialog and write a page of the beginning of a story that uses that line somehow.
  • Write two different paragraphs that start with same first five words. They can be variations on one idea or completely different from each other. If one of them appeals to you, keep going on the story.
Some Fun Ideas for Artmaking
  • Do a hand dance. Listen to music and move a pencil across a paper in response to the music. Don’t look at the doodle; just move the pencil for 30 seconds. When the time is up, move to a new sheet of paper. When the music is over, look at your doodles. Pick your favorite and add to the doodle with watercolors or colored pencils. Try filling in the spaces with patterns.
  • Connect the dots. Draw 50 dots randomly on a page. Now, begin connecting those dots with straight lines. Use any order; just make sure all the dots are connected to at least one other dot. Use the doodle as a basis for coloring or creating patterns.
  • Work on an illuminated manuscript. Turn to a random page in a book, and pick your five favorite words from that page. Then find collage images or draw pictures that somehow illuminate or illustrate the word[s]. They can be on separate paper or combined to make something interesting. Include the five words in some way if you like.
From Sober Play: Using Creativity for a More Joyful Recovery (c) 2013, Jill Kelly with Bridget Bento
Watch for word on my new ebook: Using Creativity and the Chakras for Getting Things Done.
Want more great creative suggestions? My creativity book, Sober Play, is now available in an ebook for $3.99
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